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The Apple iPhone 4 8GB in black is a good choice if you want one of the best smart phones on the market at the moment. Its relatively compact amount of onboard storage is still very competitive when compared with its rivals, so you can experience Apple's design prowess and user-friendly iOS software platform without breaking the bank.

The key feature of the iPhone 4 8GB in black is certainly the 3.5-inch Retina Display which takes up the majority of the front of the handset. This high-resolution screen packs in more pixels per inch than most other smart phones, delivering a visual clarity that is generally unmatched.

The iPhone 4 is also the first Apple handset to have a competitive digital camera onboard. The five-megapixel primary camera on the rear can shoot 720p HD video clips and thanks to the wealth of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram it is easy to touch up your images and post them to social-networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

The App Market still stands as one of the main reasons to invest in an iPhone 4 8GB deal, since this digital-download service has more content than any equivalent platform and the quality of some of the apps is very impressive. There are also plenty of games, with titles such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope now famous thanks to the iPhone.

Apple has a good track record of supporting its existing releases, so you can expect the iPhone 4 8GB to still be receiving software updates in future years.