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iPhone 4 32GB white
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Framed with a stylish white stainless steel band the iPhone 4 with a 32GB internal memory turns heads with its looks and amazes friends with its superior set of features. The 3.5" Retina display boasts an impressive resolution of 960x640 pixels and with individual pixels indistinguishable by the human eye you are sure to have the sharpest image around.

The iOS4 operating system provides a multitasking experience that doesn't drain the battery and allows the user to enjoy music on the built-in iPod whilst switching between other open applications. For ease of use applications can be moved into folders and accessed via voice commands if so desired. The call quality on the iPhone is also superb with 2 microphones that suppress noise interference.

The 5-megapixel camera boasts geo-tagging, one-touch auto-focus and an LED flash and can even capture HD video at 30fps. The included editing application, iMovie, allows the user to add transitional effects for a professional finish. Other applications that enrich Apples offering include 3D motion-controlled games, A-GPS with maps/compass and access to the iBook store.

It's easy to forget that the Apple iPhone 4 is a communication device with so many features, but a unified inbox for messaging keeps things tidied away in one location and 3.5G video calling with front and rear facing cameras enriches the phone to phone calling experience. It's also worthy of note here that the multitasking functionality of the iPhone will allow a call to be made whilst accessing the Web via the Safari browser.

Apple has made the iPhone 4 an irresistible smartphone and there's no need to be cautious as it will be a long time before this device is rivalled.