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Housed in its stylish white chassis, the Apple iPhone 4 16GB is the envy of the rest of the smart-phone market. Of course, the glass and metal which encase the phone and make observers long to have one of their own are just the start of the story.

As soon as you power up the iPhone 4 you will notice that its 3.5-inch touchscreen display is one of the best available at the moment. This is thanks to the high resolution, which at 960x640 has more pixels per inch than most of its rivals - and this is coupled with 16GB ofinbuilt memory for apps, music and videos.

The iOS operating system looks excellent thanks to the screen and this software remains one of the most user-friendly platforms around. If you have used an iOS device in the past, such as an iPad or iPod Touch, then you will know what to expect here. The A4 processor keeps it all ticking along without any hiccups and you can swipe and tap your way around the homescreens and menus with ease.

Around the back, a five-megapixel camera is a welcome addition, enabling you to capture impressive images and even record video clips at 720p resolutions for some HD-based fun. There are many popular photography apps such as Instagram which will allow you to modify the look of your snaps and then share them via social-networking sites. In fact, the wealth of software on the App Store will keep you entertained no matter what your hobbies and tastes, so the iPhone 4 16GB in white is a true smart phone for the modern age.