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For high-end smart-phone functionality, you need look no further than the Apple iPhone 4 16GB in black. This is one of the preferred iterations of Apple's smart-phone range because it balances a more affordable price with the same class-leading features that fans have come to expect from each new model.

As the name suggests, you get 16GB of onboard storage space and you can use this to save whatever data you choose. You could fill it with games and software from the App Store's library of thousands of programs. You could also record lots of HD video clips with the five-megapixel camera on the rear. The possibilities are almost endless.

Another important feature of the iPhone 4 16GB in black lies in its secondary camera, which is mounted above the high-resolution Retina Display on the front of the handset. This allows you to take advantage of FaceTime, a video-calling service which lets you get in touch with other Apple device owners. It operates over a Wi-Fi connection and means that voice calls and texts need not be the only way to communicate with your contacts.

From a design point of view, the Apple iPhone 4 remains one of the most desirable and well-made mobiles on the market. Its slender frame is encased in glass on the front and rear, while the metal band which houses its antenna equipment encircles it around the side. There are a number of great iPhone 4 deals on the market, and finding one is quick and easy with our mobile phone copmarison tool.