New iPhone rumours for 2019

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As we start approaching the second half of the year the prospect of new iPhone models looms larger. Apple’s 2019 range of smartphones has yet to be given an official name, but for consistency we’ll stick with the iPhone XI for now.

We’ve also heard that Apple will stick to their trio line up from previous generations, with the flagship edition joined by an upmarket option and a wallet-friendly alternative.

Launch and price

The launch date for the new iPhone XI is, as per usual with Apple, expected to be in mid-September. Again while nothing is concrete, you can expect the price to be at least in line with last year’s range – we’ll use £999 as a ballpark figure.


With very little officially confirmed at this point, we have to stitch together rumours from a variety of sources to get an overall picture of the new iPhone design. What we’ve been hearing about is:

The glass back: multiple sources believe the new iPhone XI will look pretty similar to the XS, with an identical button lay out. Some are even saying the rear will be made from frosted glass, but so far there are no images to back this up.

Colours: some reports suggest that we can look forward to a range of new shades including lavender, green, yellow, red, black, and white – meaning the coral and blue colours from the XR are likely to be dropped.

Display: A leaked video was released alongside a few additional details, including apparent measurements of the display. According to those leaks the iPhone XI’s screen measures in at 5.8 inches, while the whole handset itself is 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8mm. However other sources seem to suggest that the phone itself will be bigger – with nothing for certain it’s hard to tell rumour from fact.


Based on what we’ve been hearing and reading, the new iPhone XI could offer some if not all of the following:

A new camera: One of the most consistent rumours flying around is the addition of a third camera lens to the rear of the handset. However whether this applies to all handsets or not is a different question – some believe you’ll only find the third lens on the upper-end model, while others say only the lower-end will miss out.

In terms of camera specifics, the third lens looks to be a 12MP wide-angle set up that joins the 12MP man and telephoto lenses. It might not have the optical image stabilisation technology of the other two lenses, but combined they look to form a more powerful camera. The front camera might also be set for an upgrade from 7MP to 10MP.

Aside from the camera:

The new iPhone XI might also be getting improved Face ID capabilities, allowing for recognition from wider angles

  • But it’s unlikely the new range will move towards USB-C, so you’ll be able to hold on to your Lightning cable for now. Again this isn’t certain, and there are conflicting reports that suggest it could be a possibility
  • An exciting rumour that seems to be gathering traction is the presence of a two-way wireless charging feature that will let you use the XI to charge other devices
  • There is also a report that suggests improved underwater usage for the XI, letting you use the screen while submerged as well as being able to take better photos
  • Some sources have been talking about sub-epidermal scanning, which means the front camera would apparently scan the blood vessels in your face to confirm your identity
  • Following the trend of slightly odd jumps in technology, Apple have allegedly filed a patent for a sensor that can monitor air chemicals to essentially let it ‘smell’

Tech specs

We can expect more details for when we get closer to the release date, but so far we’re hearing the new iPhone XI will have:

  • An A13 chipset
  • Wi-Fi 6 connection capabilities – but it won’t yet support 5G
  • A battery that is “20-25% bigger” than the one found in the XS

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