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About OnePlus mobile phones

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Each OnePlus smartphone has been more successful than the last. The story began with the OnePlus One in 2014, followed by the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T in more recent times. Today the latest OnePlus smartphone is the OnePlus 5 (launched in 2017) with the OnePlus 6 soon in its way to market.

Here we review the main features of the OnePlus 5 model.

Camera specification

The OnePlus 5 breaks new ground by having the highest resolution dual camera on the planet (20MP + 16MP). With two lenses, the camera can create bokeh effects, whereby the photographer is able to progressively blur the background to help bring focus to a specific focal point in a photograph. Images can be saved in their original RAW photo format so that professional grade post-shot production can take place.?


The OnePlus 5 has at its heart the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This has been used on the very best smartphones from other leading brands, such as Samsung and its Galaxy Note 8. OnePlus has gone one step further though and paired this Qualcomm processor up with up to 8GB of RAM. With this, daily tasks are faster and the battery life is longer.

‘App Priority’ is another new innovation that features for the first time on the OnePlus mobile phone. App Priority uses artificial learning to understand which apps the owner uses most. By doing this, the phone ensures that the most used apps open quicker, while at the same time the feature prevents apps with an intrusive nature from draining battery in the background.


Up to 128GB of internal memory is offered and along with the RAM, consumers can choose the values of these to match the price point to their budget. The clever Dash Charger is included in the box with all models. In half an hour of charge the Dash Charger gives users up to a full day’s power.?


The all-aluminium metal unibody incorporates a biometric fingerprint scanner and the front adorns a full HD display. The display can be flicked into Gaming DND Mode and this stops notifications from popping up, while deactivating the soft keys so that the action isn’t interrupted.

About OnePlus

Established in 2013, OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. In its infancy, OnePlus initially offered features found on premium smartphones, at a considerably lower cost. Today, OnePlus creates innovations of its own, while still retaining a price point below that of other premium smartphone manufacturers, so almost anyone can purchase a SIM free OnePlus phone.

OnePlus innovations are introduced with each new model and these continually help the company to grow its loyal customer base.

The Dash Charger is one of these latest innovations. Unlike other quick chargers, the Dash Charger doesn’t cause the phone and battery to heat up which slows charging speeds.

OnePlus smartphones run on the OxygenOS (a developed version of Google’s Android operating system). The OxygenOS refines the Android experience with additions such as Reading Mode – a feature where the screen has a grey-scale appearance, where eye-straining blue light is filtered out.

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