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Zurich life insurance

Who are Zurich?

Find out about the life insurance cover offered by Zurich

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Zurich Assurance Ltd is part of the Zurich Group which is one of the world's largest insurance groups and one of the few to operate on a truly global basis.

In 2019 Zurich Assurance Ltd paid 99% of their life claims and 90% of their Critical Illness claims which shows that they take an open and honest approach to all claims, paying out as many as possible.

Contact Zurich

You can contact Zurich by calling 0800 096 6233 (Mon to Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm).

What types of cover does Zurich offer?

Zurich offers a variety of life insurance policies including:

Zurich’s life insurance will provide a lump sum if you die or become terminally ill with less than 12 months to live.

It will cover:

  • Your mortgage, or other financial commitments you don’t want to leave behind for someone else to deal with
  • Living expenses and other things your loved ones may need assistance with
  • Flexible cover to suit you and your family’s circumstances
  • Optional cover available for broken bones, dislocations and ligament damage

Zurich’s critical illness cover can only be taken out with a life insurance policy.

It will additionally provide a lump sum if you suffer a critical illness that your policy covers.

It can help absorb the financial impact of serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

You can choose how much cover you would like, and for how long, and you can also add cover for your children.

Information about Zurich

  • Option to manage and change your policy online
  • Milestone benefit – your cover can be increased before your 55th birthday without the need to provide further health details
  • Zurich Support Services – a free independent counselling and advice service for you and your family provided by Zurich’s partner, Workplace Options
  • A UK-based contact centre

Zurich’s credentials

Zurich is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a type of cover which pays out a lump sum or regular income to your dependants should you pass away during the term of the contract. The cost of a policy is determined by a number of factors including your age, health and lifestyle. Life insurance can help your partner, children or those you care for, pay for any financial commitments that might fall to them if you were no longer here.

Why it pays to shop around

MoneySuperMarket always urges customers to shop around and compare life insurance deals. Visit our life insurance channel today and run a price comparison to see if your life insurance premium could be reduced.

Compare life insurance quotes