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Aegon life insurance

Find out more about the life insurance offered by Aegon

published: 27 September 2022
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Who are Aegon life insurance?

Aegon started as the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Company in 1831, and its headquarters have stayed in Edinburgh ever since. In 1998, the company was bought by the Dutch insurance firm Aegon NV, which rebranded Scottish Equitable as Aegon in 2009. Worldwide, Aegon manages nearly 100 billion euros in pensions and investments, and the UK branch has nearly 4 million customers. 

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Get in touch with Aegon

AegonEdinburgh Park Edinburgh EH12 9SE

0370 600 0337

What type of cover do Aegon provide?

With Aegon, you can choose from a range of different types of life insurance – so there’s sure to be something that will suit your needs:

  • Aegon critical illness life insurance

    • Aegon’s critical illness cover can help with extra medical expenses if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness

  • Aegon joint life insurance

    • Aegon offers a joint life insurance policy – it covers two people, so whichever one survives the other will get a payout

  • Aegon group life insurance

    • For business owners, there’s Aegon’s group life insurance – a workplace perk helps the families of anyone who dies while on the payroll

  • Aegon term life insurance

    • Aegon’s term life insurance lasts for a set number of years, and pays out to your loved ones if you pass away during that term 

  • Aegon guaranteed life insurance

  • Aegon over 50s life insurance

  • Aegon whole life insurance

What you’ll need to get a quote

It’s easy to get life insurance with Aegon – but before you start, it’s a good idea to have some basic information to hand. Here’s what you’ll need to provide before they’ll give you a quote:

  • Information about your health

    • Aegon will need to know some basic details about your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions

  • Information about your lifestyle

    • They’ll also ask a few questions about lifestyle habits that can impact your insurance, such as drinking and smoking

  • Your age and your job

    • People who are older or who work dangerous jobs pose more of a risk for insurers, so these details will be factored into your quote

  • Your partner’s details

    • For a joint life insurance policy, you’ll also need to provide some basic details about the health, lifestyle and work of the other person 

How to make a claim with Aegon

When you make a claim with Aegon, you’ll be assigned a dedicated claims assessor to help guide you through the process and make it as stress-free as possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Get in touch with Aegon to tell them you need to make a claim. Your claims assessor will work out a convenient time to speak to you

  • All claims are handled over the phone – you’ll get a call from an experienced assessor who will collect all the information they need

  • It shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes or so, and there’s no need to fill out any forms

Why take out life insurance with Aegon?

Aegon have nearly 4 million UK customers – but are they right for your family? Here are some further details about what’s included, to help you make the right decision:

  • Financial stability

    • Aegon combine the vast reach and financial stability of a global firm with nearly 200 years of local experience helping families in the UK 

  • Help and support

    • All Aegon policyholders and their families have access to Policy Plus – a free service to provide extra help, including counselling and second medical opinions

  • Extra cover

    • Every life insurance policy with Aegon includes terminal illness cover as standard

  • Fully regulated

    • Aegon is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means you can be assured you’re in safe hands 

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