Cover Calculator

We’ll help you work out how much cover you feel you need.

This calculator is designed to help you understand the amount of cover you may need. If you require any advice, please call Life Search on 0800 170 19630333 123 1923.

The amount you have calculated is over £10,000,000.

Please amend some of your answers so that the total cover amount is £10,000,000 or less.

The amount you still owe on your mortgage is the number you're after. Take a look at your most recent mortgage statement to find out what the outstanding balance is.

Think about how much each child might need per year to make sure they're looked after until they are independent. This could be when they are 18 or later if they go to university. You could include university fees in this figure.

Think about repayments that come out of your account each month like loans or credit cards. You might have store card balances, a car loan and items on HP, for example.

Think about anything else that would need to be dealt with if you died. This could include funeral expenses or other unforeseen financial commitments.

If you have other life cover in place, you can cut down how much life insurance you need. Your employer may offer ‘death in service’ cover which pays out if you die.

We will remove this amount from the total.

So far, you’ve suggested the amount of life insurance you need to be: