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Odd things covered by home insurance

published: 04 April 2020
Read time: 5 minutes

Home insurance covers your property, your belongings, and… some other things as well. From the rock on your wedding ring to rocks from outer space, there’s a lot you might already be insured for

Extraterrestrial events

It’s not just the stuff of science fiction – your home insurance might be protecting you against threats from outer space.

Home insurance policies cover damage to your house from floods, storms, fires and earthquakes – but they also include asteroids and falling space junk. If your insurance protects your home against damage from ‘falling objects,’ both you and your insurer are probably imagining a tree – but a meteorite counts as a falling object too.

So, how likely is this to happen? Strangely enough, it’s not unheard of. In 2015, a family in San Carlos, Uruguay, were surprised when a space rock weighing nearly a kilogram smashed through the roof of their house. And there have been bigger events too: when a meteor exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia in 2013, over 7,000 buildings were damaged.

Space contains man-made dangers too – over the last 50 years, on average one piece of space junk has fallen down to Earth every day. Luckily, our planet is quite big – there hasn’t yet been a single case of injury or property damage from falling debris from outer space.

Still, it’s reassuring to know that if NASA’s latest satellite does end up falling into your living room, your home insurance should have you covered.

A meteor crosses the night sky over a wooded area


Of course, not all flying objects come from outer space. Slightly closer to Earth, your home insurance might cover your home, your belongings – and your drone. If you own a remote-controlled aircraft, some insurers will cover it if it gets lost or damaged, even if you’re flying it well away from your property.

Some home insurance also comes with legal protection, and this could also help out if things go awry with your drone. Your home insurance can help if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property with your drone, covering legal fees up to about £100,000.

But policies are changing: as more drones are buzzing in our skies, some insurers are drawing up exemptions that mean they no longer cover drones. Not to worry, though – you can now even get specialist drone insurance.

Diamonds and gold

Some jewellery is worth far more to us than the gold and gems it’s made from – but if you lose that special piece, it’s reassuring to know that your insurance can still have you covered. In fact, according to data from MoneySuperMarket, jewellery accounts for over a quarter of all the personal possessions covered by home insurance.

Home insurance contents cover doesn’t just protect your jewellery when it’s at home. Even if you lose your wedding ring while you’re out and about, it might be included. In fact, there are even stories of people losing brand-new wedding rings while abroad on their honeymoons – only to discover that their trusty home insurance had them covered.

Don’t take it for granted, though. Every policy is different – so maybe make sure your jewellery is covered first before you take your wedding ring out scuba-diving.

Graveyards and headstones

You might have a place that’s deeply important to you, but isn’t part of you home – so it’s a relief to know that you might be able to keep your family memorials protected using your home insurance.

Even though it’s not strictly speaking part of your property, you’ll want to make sure that the grave plots and headstones of any loved ones who’ve passed away are kept covered. Graveyards can face many of the same dangers as homes – from floods or storms to falling trees and even vandalism. These places are important, and what’s more, they’re often very expensive to repair.

Luckily, some home insurance providers will also cover the family plot. In some cases, this might even be included free as part of your home insurance package.

Compare home insurance

One of the best ways to buy home insurance is to use a price comparison site like MoneySuperMarket to compare hundreds of policies currently on the market.

Simply fill in a few details about yourself and your property, and we’ll do the rest. There are hundreds of deals available at your fingertips – just make sure you read the small print, so you know how much cover you’re getting.

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