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Read our guide on Prudential home insurance. How can the company help you?

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Who are Prudential?

Founded in 1848, Prudential initially provided professional people with loans and life assurance. Since then, the aim of the company has focussed on pensions, savings and investments, alongside life and financial insurance – it has approximately 6 million customers across the UK.

Prudential also provide a wealth of retirement products, meeting their customers’ long-term needs whilst protecting them from short-term fluctuations in the market. 

In conjunction with Churchill, Prudential offer two levels of home insurance – Home Insurance and Home Plus, which provide both buildings and contents cover.

Why choose Prudential?

  • Two levels of cover available – Home Insurance and Home Plus.
  • Flexible levels of buildings cover, starting from £1 million.
  • Flexible levels of contents cover, starting from £50,000 up to £100,000.
  • Personal possession cover, bike cover and garden cover as standard.
  • 24-hour legal advice phone line, so you can always speak to an expert when you have legal questions. 

What you should know

  • Prudential home insurance is designed to protect policyholders from insured events such as fire, theft, flood or storm, and items will be replaced as new, even clothing. Single item cover up to £2,000 standard and £4,000 for Home Plus inside the home, or £2500 and £5000 outside the home, respectively.
  • Policies will not provide cover for wear and tear damage, or problems which have resulted from policyholders failing to look after their property.
  • Extra Accidental damage cover is an optional extra, as is Home emergency cover, Personal Belongings cover and Legal Services cover.

Contact Prudential

0345 605 9267

9am to 8pm Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm Saturday

10am to 5pm Sunday

Finding the right cover

When you buy home insurance, it is important to get exactly the right cover for your individual requirements. For example, if you have kids running around, then maybe you should think about getting an extra bit of accidental cover, for items that get broken or damaged.

Plus, always make sure your home is secure as possible. Ensure your locks are up to the minimum standard required by your insurer. As there’s a chance that any subsequent claims you might make could be rejected – as insurers won’t pay out if you’re considered negligent.

Discover how to boost your home security.

Why it pays to shop around

Compare quotes from several different providers before buying your insurance policy as although you might’ve found a great deal one year, it doesn’t mean you will get the same deal the next year.

Make a note as to when your policy is about to expire, and then check whether you can make a saving with another company. Check out our home insurance channel to compare policies and find one that’s right for you.

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