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Learn more about home insurance with Insure4Retirement – a specialist for the over 50s.

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Read our guide about Insure4Retirement home insurance and how they can help. Find contacts & company details.

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Who are Insure4Retirement?

Founded in 2004 and specialising in arranging insurance for the over 50s, Insure4Retirement aim to protect you and your home in your later years. The company believes that those over 50 are wiser, more careful and responsible, and so deserve to have cheaper premiums.

Insure4Retirement offer car, home and travel insurance, all catering for the over 50s customer. They also have 24-hour a day customer care line, based in the UK.

Why choose Insure4Retirement?

  • Choose from buildings cover or contents cover, or a combination of both
  • Cover your building for up to £1 million and its contents for up to £100,000.
  • Damage caused by storms, floods or snow, subsidence or landslips, water escape, theft, fire or smoke, lightning or earthquake, and riots or vandalism are all covered in the buildings insurance policy.
  • You can add additional cover to your policies, including personal legal protection, garden security and home emergency help.

What you should know

  • Insure4Retirement has a UK-based 24-hour helpline, which offers confidential legal advice and domestic assistance.
  • You can pay for your policy either annually or choose to spread the cost out over monthly direct debit.

Contact Insure4Reitement

0800 2988 707

8am to 7pm Monday to Friday

9am to 1pm Saturday


Finding the right cover

It’s important to get the right cover – and any additional extras – when you buy home insurance. For example, if you have valuable items in your home, make sure to get a specialist cover or risk not being able to claim the true value of the items.

Always make sure your home is secure as possible, and ensure your locks are up to the minimum standard required by your policy’s insurer. Any claims made could be invalid if you haven’t done this – as insurers won’t pay out if the policyholder thought negligent. Discover how to boost your home security.

Why it pays to shop around?

Make sure you try to find a better deal before your policy ‘auto-renews’. It pays to shop around so make a record of when your policy expires, then check if you can make a saving by comparing prices from different insurers.

Head to our home insurance channel to compare policies and find one that’s right for you.

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