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10% off home insurance from AXA

Why choose AXA

  • Brand new replacements if contents are damaged or stolen*

  • 24-hour emergency helpline

  • Covers flooding, fire and escape of water**

  • £1,000 emergency cash advance with contents insurance***

  • Cover for certain contents kept in outbuildings, including sheds****

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How the offer works

If you’re a new AXA home insurance customer and buy an AXA home insurance policy through MoneySuperMarket.com between 11 June 2017 and 13 July 2017, you’ll be eligible for a discount of 10% off the premium.

The price you see on MoneySuperMarket.com is shown with the 10% discount already deducted.


Terms & Conditions

  • The 10% discount is only available to new AXA home insurance customers who purchase contents, buildings or combined buildings and contents insurance through MoneySuperMarket.com.

  • The offer is only valid if the policy is purchased through MoneySuperMarket.com.

  • The 10% discount is included within the price shown on MoneySuperMarket.com.

  • The 10% discount does not apply to Home Assistance and Legal Expenses optional extras, whether bought as an add-on or as part of a product bundle.

  • Offer is available online only and is subject to eligibility. The offer is not available in Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands, and The Isle of Man.

  • This offer cannot be used with any other offer or promotion unless we tell you otherwise.

*subject to a valid claim, excess applies, repair or cash may be offered, T&Cs apply

**subject to valid claim

***subject to a valid claim, payment deducted from final claims settlement, T&Cs apply

****Contents in outbuildings is between £2,500 and £5,000 depending on which product is chosen



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First Direct

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How the offer works

Switch to the Co-op MSE MSM Fixed July 2018 and you could save an average of £267 compared to the average price of a standard variable rate tariff from one of the Big Six energy providers (regional variations apply).
This is based on average consumption figures from Ofgem, the energy market regulator.

With a fixed rate tariff, the price per unit of energy you use is fixed for the term – in this case, until 31 July 2018. That means you are shielded from any prices rises that are imposed elsewhere for that period.
This offer is strictly limited to the first 25,000 successful applicants.


Check your eligibility

If you’re not sure which energy region you live in, look for your postcode below:

Remember, you must be new to Co-operative Energy, and you must be a dual fuel customer who will manage their account online and pay by monthly direct debit. You must be over 18 years of age.

This deal is NOT available to customers with prepayment or restricted meters.




Terms & Conditions

*Average annual saving across regions where tariff is cheapest against Big Six standard variable rate tariff (£1,137.96). Based on Ofgem average consumption data and assuming monthly direct debit payments

  • Limited to first 25,000 successful applicants

  • New Co-operative Energy customers only

  • Dual fuel (gas & electricity) customers only

  • Online management with payment by monthly direct debit

  • Tariff end date 31 July 2018

  • Not available to pre-pay and restricted meter customers

  • £30 per fuel exit fee


Regional variations

The price of gas and electricity varies according to which region of the country you live in. This is because of a range of factors, including competition between providers, the price of wholesale energy and the cost of distribution.

There are a number of regional variations with the Co-op MSE MSM Fixed July 2018, and it is the cheapest tariff we can switch you two in SIX of the 14 UK energy regions. The savings identified are calculated by taking the price of standard variable rate (SVR) tariffs provided by the Big Six energy firms (British Gas, EDF, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE) for each region based on Ofgem average consumption data.


Co-op MSE MSM Fixed July 2018 vs Big Six SVR per region

Region Co-op cost (£) Big Six cost (£) Saving (£)
East Midlands 849.47 1116.67 267.20
East England 854.01 1131.54 277.53
North Wales, Merseyside & Cheshire 903.15 1159.96 256.81
South East England 888.34 1153.94 265.60
Southern England 882.17 1152.54 270.37
Yorkshire 849.47 1113.11 263.64


Eligible Postcodes

East England

AL 1-10, CB 1-11, CM 0-24, CO 1-16, E 4, EN 1-11, HA 0-9, HP 16-23, HP 27, HP 1-8, IG 10, IP 1-33, LU 1-7, MK 40-42, MK 44-45, N 17-18, N 21-22, N 2-4, 6 , N 8-15, NR 1-35, NW 2, 4, 7 , N 9, 11, PE 13-19, PE 1-4, 7, PE 30-38, RM 1-18, SG 1-19, SS 0-9, SS 11-17, WD 1-7

Southern England

BA 7-15, BA 20-22, BH 1-25, BH 31, BN 17-18, DT 1-5, DT 9-11, GU 24, GU 26-35, GU 3, GU 7-20, HP 9-15, OX 1-6, OX 8-14, OX 18, 20, OX 33, 44, PO 1-22, PO 30-41, RG 1-17, RG 21-28, RG 30, 40, RH 14, SL 0-9, SN 1-16, SN 38, SO 14-24, SO 30-32, SO 40-43, SO 45, SO 50-53, SP 1-11, TW 1-8, TW 11-19, UB 1-10, W 3-5, , W 7, 13


BB 8, BD 1-23, DN 1-12, DN 14-19, DN 31-40, HD 1-8, HU 1-20, HX 1-7, LN 7, LS 1-29, OL 14, S 1-14, S 17-19, S 30-31, S 60-66, S 70-75, WF 1-17, YO 15-16, YO 4

South East England

BN 1-16, BN 20-27, BN 41-45, BR 2, 4-6, 8, CR 0, 2-4, CR 6-9, CT 1-21, DA 1, 3-4,DA 9-13, GU 1-2, GU 4-6, GU 21-23, GU 25, KT 1, 5-24, ME 1-20, RH 1-13, RH 15-20, SM 1-7, TN 1-40, TW 9-10, TW 20

East Midlands 

B 77-79, CV 1-13, CV 21-23, CV 31-35, DE 11-15, DE 1-7, DE 21-24, DE 45,DE 55-56, DE 65, DE 72-75, DN 20-22, LE 1-18, LE 65, 67, LN 1-6, LN 8-13, MK 1-19, MK 43, 46, NG 1-25, NG 31-34, NN 1-18, OX 17, PE 20-25, PE 5-6, PE 8, PE 9-12, S 40-45, S 80-81

North Wales, Merseyside & Cheshire

CH 1-8, CW 1-11, L 1-39, L 41-49, L 60-70, 72, LL 11-49, LL 51-78, LL 7, PR 8, 9, SY 10-14 ,SY 16-24, WA 1-2, WA 4-11, WA 16




First Direct


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How the offer works

Get £125 cashback when you switch your current account to First Direct through MoneySuperMarket.com between 2 May and 3 July 2017.

To qualify for the £125 cashback, you must be a new First Direct customer and you will need to switch your account through MoneySuperMarket.com using the Current Account Switch Service. You will also need to deposit a minimum of £1,000 into the account within the first three months of the account opening. This offer is limited to one payment per customer or joint account, and the cashback will be paid within 28 days of all criteria being met.


Why choose first direct

  • Famed for excellent customer service

  • £125 cash switching incentive

  • £100 payment if you leave after 6 months

  • Link to high rate regular savings account

  • £125 offer only via MoneySuperMarket

Apply now

Check your eligibility

  • First Direct can only offer switching incentives to people who haven't previously held any account with them

  • You must be over 18 years of age

  • You must not have been declared Bankrupt or have registered for an Individual Voluntary Agreement within the last six years or be in the process of doing so

  • You must have a telephone number and email address First Direct can use to contact you
current account switch guarantee


Account review

If you switch your current account to First Direct, you’ll get £125. The account enables you to manage your money online through the bank’s Internet Banking service and there is also a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy, First Direct will give you £100. You won’t earn any interest when you’re in the black, but if you go overdrawn, the first £250 is interest-free. You have to pay at least £1,000 a month into the account, otherwise you’ll be charged a monthly fee of £10.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this account is First Direct’s customer service – it is consistently ranked among the best banks to deal with from a consumer perspective. So if you’re looking for a ‘no frills’ account, this could be the deal for you.

Terms & Conditions

*For the £125 incentive, switch using the Current Account Switch Service and deposit 1,000 into the account within the first three months of the account opening. New First Direct customers only.

*Account T&Cs apply. first direct Account Terms and Conditions (PDF)


Get £20 cash back with more than home insurance header image

How the offer works

If you purchase a MoreTh>n Buildings and Contents combined policy through MoneySuperMarket.com between 13 April and 15 May 2017, you’ll be eligible.

The price you see on MoneySuperMarket.com includes £20 cashback deducted. If you decide it’s the right policy for you, click ‘Apply’ and you’ll be taken to a quote summary page which shows the premium in full, and this is what you will pay.

Provided you have held your policy for 70 days, and pay your first premium when due, MoreTh>n will automatically send a cheque payable to the first named policy holder within 90 days of the policy start date.

Why choose MORE TH>N

  • Up to £1m buildings cover and up to £100,000 contents cover as standard.
  • Cover includes new for old replacements for items damaged by a fire, water leak or break in.
  • £200 Home Emergency assistance provided as standard.
  • 24-hour domestic emergency helpline.

Terms & conditions

  • Offer applies to new MORE TH>N Buildings & Contents combined policies only. The offer is not available on any existing MORE TH>N policies you may hold.
  • The price shown on the aggregator site includes £20 cashback deducted.  You will pay the premium in full which is shown on the MORE TH>N quote summary page.
  • You must hold your policy for 70 days and pay your first premium when due.
  • MORE TH>N may withdraw this offer at any time, but will pay the cashback if you purchased before the withdrawal date.
  • The cashback will be paid within 90 days of the policy start date.  MORE TH>N will send you a cheque payable to the first named policy holder.
  • Only £20 cashback is payable per household
  • This offer cannot be used with any other offer or promotion unless we tell you otherwise

Where to next?

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