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Ever considered buying an extended warranty to protect your household appliances? Here's what you need to know.

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Can you imagine life without a fridge freezer or a washing machine? Most modern homes rely on a range of household items to get through each day, but what happens if something goes wrong & and things can go wrong. Who hasn't come home to find lights flashing ominously on the dishwasher, or water seeping out of the washing machine?

You can often insure more than one appliance on the same policy, though the more appliances the bigger the premium

If your appliance breaks down within one year, it is usually covered by the manufacturer's guarantee, so you should not have to pay for any repairs or replacement.

But what if the breakdown occurs in the second or third year? You might not be able to function without your fridge, but could you afford to pay for any repairs?  It can be expensive to fix a household appliance & think of the cost of call out, parts and labour. And if you have to buy a new tumble dryer or television, the bill could run into hundreds of pounds or more.  

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is a type of insurance policy that covers your household appliances beyond the manufacturer's guarantee. If, for example, your washing machine breaks down due to a mechanical or electrical failure, the home appliance warranty will pay for repairs or a replacement. 

Extended warranties do not usually cover accidental damage. There might also be restrictions on the age and value of a single item. For example, your warranty might cover appliances up to, say, five or eight years old, with a single item limit of £1500 or £2000. You can often insure more than one appliance on the same policy, though the more appliances the bigger the premium.

Where can I buy a home appliances warranty?

Many people are persuaded to buy an extended warranty for their home appliances by the retailer at the point of sale. But you do not have to buy a warranty from the retailer & and you can often find cheaper cover if you shop around for competitive quotes.

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