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One Select Energy Tariffs & Contact Details

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Based in Reading, One Select aim to make buying energy more transparent, making it fairer and simpler, at the same time as saving the customer money.

By offering energy at wholesale market prices for a fixed term, using innovative technology and keeping you informed of your usage, One Select’s customers can save both money and keep tabs on energy consumption. 

How to contact One Select Energy

Telephone: 0333 21 25 973

(Mon-Fri: 8.30am-5pm)


Facebook: OneSelect Ltd

Twitter: @OneSelect_Ltd

What do I need to do if I want to change my current provider?

Changing your energy provider has never been easier. It takes just minutes to run a quote on our site, and within 17 days you could be up and running with your new supplier. You can run an energy price comparison here.

Our video guide below explains how hassle-free the switching process is.

Switch and save with Energy Monitor

Switching your energy supplier is quicker and easier with MoneySuperMarket’s Energy Monitor. We’ll let you know as soon as there’s a cheaper tariff available for you, so you can effortlessly switch and save money on your energy bill.

What happens if my energy supplier goes bust?

It is very rare for an energy supplier to go out of business, but it happened in 2016, with the collapse of GB Energy.

As happened then, any future collapse and its consequences would be managed by Ofgem, the energy market regulator. Thanks to Ofgem’s safety net, even if your supplier goes out of business, your gas and/or electricity supply will never be cut off or interrupted.

All UK energy suppliers are regulated by Ofgem.

In addition to guaranteeing continuity of supply, Ofgem works to move customers of a failed company to the best possible deal, with any debit/credit transferred to a new supplier that is chosen to inherit the business.

Read our Q&A on this topic here.

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