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Energy Saving Centre

5 min read
Updated: 14 Sep 2022

Learn how easy it is to save money on your energy bills – and what actually happens when you switch – with our step-by-step tools, guides and videos.

1. What you need to know

Find out what's happening to energy prices and tariffs, and how you can benefit from switching supplier.

Energy-saving guides and tips

2. Switching and saving on your energy

How to switch energy supplier, track your progress and save more money with our top tools and tips. Also learn how to never overpay again with Energy Monitor.

Track your energy switch

Our handy tool will tell you exactly what happens during your switch, and when you can expect it to complete

Energy switching guides and tips

Take control of your energy bills

  • After you’ve compared energy deals, we’ll keep an eye on prices

  • We’ll let you know when it’s time to switch and save. Again and again

  • Another way we’re helping you save a lot by doing very little

Find out more about energy monitor