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iPhone insurance

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Jake Edmonds
Written by  Jake Edmonds
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Updated: 27 Feb 2024

Where would you be without your phone? Make sure your iPhone is fully protected with specialised iPhone insurance. This handy guide will provide you with all the advice and information you require.

What is iPhone Iinsurance?

iPhone insurance is mobile phone insurance designed specifically for iPhones and iPhone users. It offers the same kind of coverage as standard mobile phone insurance, while including additional cover related specifically to Apple products and services. For Android users, there are equivalent insurance options tailored to their devices, ensuring that no matter your preference, there's a safety net available for your mobile tech.

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Do you need iPhone insurance?

Given the significant investment that an iPhone represents, protecting it can seem like a no-brainer. Smartphones are prone to all sorts of mishaps, from the dreaded screen crack to an unexpected swim in the pool. For those of us who are a bit more accident-prone or who simply want peace of mind, iPhone insurance can be a valuable asset.

However, you don’t want to over-insure yourself. Check whether you’re getting mobile phone insurance as part of your home contents insurance or as an additional feature of a bank account. If you’re still within your warranty period, this may be enough to cover you for damage.

iPhone insurance vs AppleCare+


AppleCare+ is Apple's own extended warranty and support service. The standard AppleCare warranty covers your iPhone for manufacturing defects for one year and provides 90 days of phone support. AppleCare+ goes a step further by extending the warranty and support for an additional year and covering two incidents of accidental damage, albeit with excess fees.

There's also AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, which includes everything in AppleCare+ plus coverage if your iPhone is lost or stolen. The benefits are substantial, offering 24/7 technical support, hardware coverage for your handset, battery, and accessories, as well as software troubleshooting.

iPhone insurance

On the other hand, iPhone insurance covers a broader range of issues. This can include:

  • Loss and theft

  • Accidental damage

  • Malicious damage

  • Liquid damage

  • Screen damage

  • Mechanical breakdown

  • Accessories

  • Overseas incidents

  • Family cover: if people in your family have iPhones you want covered

  • E-Wallet misuse

  • Unauthorized calls, messages, and downloads

The most common claims tend to be for damaged screens, liquid damage, and theft or loss. If your iPhone is beyond repair, insurers may provide a refurbished replacement, ensuring you're not left disconnected for long.

Other apple devices

While iPhone insurance might be the focus, it's worth noting that some policies could extend to other Apple devices such as iPads, AirPods, Macs, and Apple Watches. However, this isn't a guarantee, and it's essential to check the specifics of any policy you consider.

Multi-device policies

For those with multiple gadgets, insurers may offer multi-device policies. These can be more cost-effective than insuring each device separately and can simplify the process of managing your insurance.

Common exclusions with iPhone insurance

When considering iPhone insurance, be aware of common exclusions. Insurers may not cover:

  • iPhones purchased outside the UK

  • Second-hand iPhones

  • Devices older than a specified number of months

  • iPhones without an active SIM card

  • iPhones used primarily for business purposes

  • Pre-damaged iPhones

  • Claims that exceed the cover level

  • Immediate claims made right after the policy starts

How much does iPhone insurance cost?

The cost of iPhone insurance can vary widely. Factors influencing the price include the model of your iPhone, the level of coverage you choose, how frequently you make payments, and the excess fees. Monthly payments might seem more manageable, but they can add up to more than an annual payment. Opting for a higher voluntary excess can reduce your premiums, but it's important to weigh if the potential savings are worth the higher cost if you need to claim.

Get quotes on insurance for your iPhone

To find the right insurance for your iPhone, MoneySuperMarket offers a comparison tool powered by By entering details about your phone, you can receive tailored quotes and compare options. Remember, it's not just about finding the cheapest policy; it's about balancing the level of cover with the price. The ideal policy should provide good value without leaving you over- or under-insured.

As we wrap up, remember that iPhone insurance is about safeguarding your investment and ensuring that a mishap doesn't lead to a significant financial setback. Whether you opt for a dedicated iPhone insurance policy or rely on extended warranties like AppleCare+, the right choice will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. Stay informed, compare your options, and choose the protection that gives you confidence in your digital life.

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