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It makes sense to compare current accounts: healthy competition means there are lots of incentives available for those willing to switch. If you don’t compare what’s out there, you could be missing out on a great deal – and maybe even some free cash!

Reward and cashback accounts

A cashback account may give you a cash bonus or reward when you switch to it. The bonus is offered to persuade people to move their money across from another provider. Sometimes the reward may take a different form, like waived monthly fees for a set period of time. 

Monthly Cashback Accounts

If you want to reap rewards from your banking, a current account with monthly cash back could be the solution. Check out our selection of accounts that offer additional benefits, exclusive rates and products in exchange for a small monthly fee.

Current accounts with overdrafts

An overdraft facility can be a vital buffer if you have an expensive month or are hit with an unexpected bill or cost. If having and keeping an overdraft is important to you, it makes sense to compare offerings and make sure you find the best one out there.

Best for customer service accounts

When it comes to choosing who looks after your money, customer service can be a deal breaker. If this comes at the top of your list, check out our list of current account providers and banks that are known for giving the best customer service in the business.

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