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Nationwide credit cards

Find the right Nationwide card for you

published: 27 September 2022
Read time: 5 minutes

Who is Nationwide?

Nationwide is a mutual building society, which means it’s owned by its members not shareholders. It is the largest mutual organisation in the UK.

As a mutual, it is run for the benefit of members (those who bank, save or have a mortgage with Nationwide).

As well as providing current accounts, savings accounts and mortgages, Nationwide also offers a credit card to customers. 

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How do Nationwide credit cards compare?

Nationwide used to offer a broad range of cards, but now only offers one: the Member Card. 

This is only available to members: those who have a current account, mortgage account or savings account with Nationwide. 

There are different offers available on the Member Card, including interest-free introductory periods on balance transfers and purchases which run for different lengths of time. 

The standard interest rate or APR is competitive – though the actual rate you’ll be offered will depend on your financial circumstances and individual credit score.

Nationwide credit card features

Nationwide’s credit card offers a range of benefits, including: 

  • Competitive annual percent rate (APR)

  • Interest-free offering on both purchases and balance transfers

  • No annual fee

  • The option to add an additional cardholder 

  • Fully regulated by the city watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority, and as with any credit card, the Nationwide credit card offers a safety net on items and services you purchase costing over £100 but no more than £30,000. This protection comes via section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act

How do I pick the best Nationwide credit card?

The Nationwide credit card is not for everyone, but if you are a Nationwide member, this card could be an option for you. Always check what’s on offer and compare with other card deals you’re eligible for across the market. 

For example, if you’re looking to reduce existing debts, you could consider the offer of a longer interest-free period on balance transfers. Remember to check for a balance transfer fee.

If you are looking to spend on your card, you might want to consider the offer of a longer 0% interest period on purchases

Am I eligible for a Nationwide card?

To qualify for a Nationwide credit card, you will have to meet a few basic criteria:

  • Be an existing Nationwide member (that means having a current account, savings account or mortgage with the building society)

  • Be aged 18 or over

  • Be a UK resident 

  • Have a minimum income of £5,000 per year, before tax

  • If you have closed a Nationwide credit card in the last 12 months, you won’t be eligible for the introductory offers

  • You can’t apply for a card if you already have a Nationwide credit card

  • You also won’t be eligible if you’ve applied for a credit card in the past 30 days and been declined 

How likely am I to get accepted?

When you apply for a card, Nationwide will take a number of factors into consideration before deciding whether or not to accept you. The most important is your credit score.  

Prior to applying, it’s worth checking your credit rating. This is essentially a record of how you’ve handled credit in the past. You can do this easily with MoneySuperMarket’s free credit monitor tool. It makes sense to try and boost your credit score if possible before you apply for any credit.

How long does it take to get a card?

Applying for a Nationwide credit card is a fairly quick process. If you’ve decided a Nationwide credit card is right for you, Nationwide will carry out a check to see that you are eligible. If you are, the mutual will tell you what interest rate and credit limit you’ll be offered. This won’t leave a mark on your credit file.

You can then go on to make a formal application if you still want the card.

This should take no more than 10 minutes. You will need to provide details, such as your recent address history, employer details, annual income and monthly outgoings. 

If you are eligible, you will usually be accepted for a card in a matter of minutes. You will then need to wait for your card to arrive in the post, but this should only take a few days.  

Compare credit cards with MoneySuperMarket

Searching for a new credit card is simple and easy with us. Just answer a few questions about your financial circumstances, and the kind of card you’re looking for. We will then scour the market to find the most suitable deal for your needs. 

Searching with us will show you deals you’re eligible for and your likelihood of being accepted for each deal – all without harming your credit score. 

That way, when you do come to apply, you can do so with greater confidence. 

MoneySuperMarket is a credit broker – this means we’ll show you products offered by lenders. We never take a fee from customers for this service. Instead we are usually paid a fee by the lenders, but the size of that payment doesn’t affect how we show products to customers.

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