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Car Leasing

Find a three month car lease

  • Compare deals from 23 leasing companies.


Why compare 3 month lease deals with MoneySuperMarket?

We’ve teamed up with Moneyshake to help you find a great short-term car lease on a range of makes and models in the UK. 

  • It’s quick and straightforward

    You’ll see all the latest in-stock deals and the key features you’ll need to make a decision – including the price 

  • Refine your search

    You can sort the options by cost or make and model to see what’s out there to suit your needs 

  • Free delivery of your new car

    Once you’ve been approved for your three-month lease your car will be delivered free of charge, with road tax and manufacturer warranty. 

    Get started 

How does a three-month car lease work?

You’ll get a new car for 3 months and then return it at the end of the deal. Here’s how it works: 

  • Choose your vehicle

    The fun bit is picking your new wheels. Don’t forget to compare pricing to find the most cost-effective deal for you.

  • Fix payment terms

    Payment terms for a 3 month lease could differ from provider to provider, but as with longer term leases it’s likely you’ll have to pay a bigger chunk up front. 

  • End the lease

    After 3 months you hand back the car with nothing more to pay provided you didn’t exceed your agreed mileage and there is no damage to the vehicle.

What are the pros and cons of leasing a car for three months?

There are advantages and disadvantages to car leasing. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Tick


    • You get a new car that you can switch in just 3 months 

    • Road tax and full warranty are included 

    • The financial commitment is less than on longer term leasing 

  • Cross


    • Cost per month is likely to be higher for short-term leasing 

    • Not suitable for those with a poor credit score 

    • Could face extra fees for any damage or going over capped mileage 

How to find the best deal on a three-month car lease

Here’s how to make sure you get the best deal on a 3 month car lease. 

  • 1

    Have a budget

    Work out how much you can afford and decide on a maximum limit. While there might not be any road tax to pay, you’ll still need to fuel or charge your vehicle. 

  • 2

    Pick the best car for you

    You’ll probably have an idea of what you want already, but another make with similar features could work out cheaper or be more practical. 

  • 3

    Work out the mileage

    You’ll need an idea of the mileage you’ll be driving as this will help work out the cost of the lease. It’s always best to be as accurate as possible. 

  • 4

    Don’t forget to compare

    We’ve partnered with leasing specialistMoneyshake to help find you a great deal from the UK’s leading lease providers. Always shop around before choosing a deal. 

Compare three-month leasing deals with MoneySuperMarket

It’s easy to find a three-month car leasing deal with MoneySuperMarket because we’ve teamed up with Moneyshake to bring you the best deals from 23 leasing companies in the UK. 

  • Pick your vehicle

    Let us know what car you want, whether it will be for business or personal use, how far you expect to drive each month and your budget. 

  • Compare and refine

    You can compare a range of different leasing deals and refine your search to home in on the ones you like best. 

  • Secure your lease

    Once your three-month lease has been approved, the car will be delivered to your home in the UK free of charge. It will also come with free road tax and full warranty. 

Most UK residents will be eligible for a three-month car leasing deal, but you’re likely to have to pass a credit check first. This will give the car lease provider the confidence you can make the regular payments without a problem. You can find out ways to improve your credit rating with our guide. 

You’ll have a wide range of new cars to choose from and each lease hire company will have different makes and models to suit your budget. 

No, you’re obliged to return the car to the lease provider after three months. Depending on the lease provider you may be able to extend the lease, but if you’re looking to purchase a car you should consider different types of car finance such as hire purchase (HP), personal contract purchase (PCP), or a car loan

If you want to end your three-month lease contract early you might still be liable for some or all of the outstanding payment. Check the terms and conditions before you sign up. All credit agreements – including car leasing – have a cooling off period in case you change your mind. 

No. A credit check on your finances will take place because you are borrowing the car for a 3-month period. 

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