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Younger women tend to pay more on average for their car insurance, but there are ways to bring the cost down

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Is car insurance cheaper for young women?

Car insurance is almost always cheaper for young women – even though in 2012 the EU ruled it illegal for insurers to take gender into account when calculating costs.

That said, car insurance is still much more expensive for younger drivers, who are considered less experienced and therefore a much riskier proposition. So while women are still considered safer drivers and will often enjoy discounts for other reasons, they no longer see savings of up to 50% compared with men.

Why is car insurance cheaper for young women?

Car insurers base their insurance costs on many different factors. Age is one of them: younger drivers under 25 are seen as more likely to drive recklessly, so car insurance for young female drivers is more expensive.

However, women in every age group tend to drive more carefully, which is reflected in their premiums.

MoneySuperMarket research has shown that the average annual premiums for fully comprehensive car insurance for women are £416. Meanwhile, a year’s car insurance for men averages £520. This is because women are more likely to drive more safely, drive less often and drive cars with smaller engines – all of which help keep car insurance prices low.

Car insurance for young women is also cheaper than car insurance for young men. Male drivers between 17 and 19 pay an average of £1,189 for fully comprehensive car insurance while women of the same age only have to pay £851 – nearly 29% less.

Young women pay less for their car insuranceAccording to MoneySuperMarket data correct as of August 2019

Black box car insurance for younger women

Some car insurance providers offer telematics insurance, where the provider monitors your driving habits and decides your premiums based on how you are behind the wheel. Depending on the type of policy you choose, they’ll monitor your driving through either a black box, a plug-and-drive device or a smartphone app.

Telematics insurance takes into account acceleration rates, cornering and braking, and how often you drive, as well as the time of day you drive and the types of road used. Rates are normally reassessed every quarter, with changes reflected in subsequent monthly direct debit payments, or at annual renewal.

As they tend to drive more carefully, young women are likely to be get cheaper car insurance premiums by using telematics, but it does have risks: if the black box reveals that your driving is actually more dangerous than your insurer had anticipated, you'll pay higher premiums.

Is car insurance for young women cheaper with a named driver?

You may want to add a named driver to your car insurance. This is when an older and more experienced driver, such as a parent or guardian, is added to a younger driver’s policy as a secondary driver. This can make insurance cheaper, as insurers assume that the car is being driven some of the time by a driver who poses a lower risk.

Including a named driver should not be confused with the illegal practice known as ‘fronting’. This is where the car is insured in the name of an older, more experienced driver to achieve a lower premium, even though the younger and riskier driver remains the main driver in practice.

Fronting is illegal, and could invalidate your insurance if discovered. The person who uses the car most often should always be declared as the main driver – or you risk a fine of up to £5,000 and could lose your licence.

How I keep costs down on female car insurance?

There are many other ways for young women to pay less for car insurance. Some of these include:

  • The car you drive: Insurers split cars into 50 different groups based on factors like engine size and the likely cost of repairs, and you could save money by switching to a car in a cheaper group
  • Shop around: By using a price comparison site such as MoneySuperMarket, you’ll have access to hundreds of different insurers, allowing you to be certain you’ve found the best deal on car insurance for young women

You can find more ideas on how to reduce the cost of car insurance for young female drivers on the MoneySuperMarket money saving tips page.

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