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Get £150 off at the garage

When you buy car insurance through MoneySuperMarket, we’ll give you £150 of vouchers to use at the garage. You can use these towards the cost of MOTs, servicing and tyres for a whole year – it’s our best offer yet, to keep you on the road all year round.

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What’s the deal?

Surprise visits to the garage can leave you feeling stressed and out of pocket – that’s where we come in. As well as hunting down the best deals for your insurance, we’re also offering a helping hand to keep your car running throughout the year.

When you buy your car insurance through us, you’ll get £150 towards the costs of maintaining your car. This includes up to £65 off an MOT and full service, up to £30 off a full set of tyres, and £15 off for two. You can also get between £5 and £30 off a wide range of maintenance costs.

You can use your car care vouchers at hundreds of participating garages around the England, Scotland and Wales, including big names like ATS, as well as smaller independent garages.

How it works

When you buy car insurance through MoneySuperMarket, we’ll send you an email to let you know your vouchers are ready to use. You’ll be able to see the whole range of ways to use your vouchers, and how to redeem them when you book your car in.

Then when your car needs some work, just choose a garage, let them know you’ll be using a voucher when you book, and take the voucher with you when you take your car in. That’s it!



How to use your vouchers


Check your emails

After you buy your insurance, we’ll email you about your vouchers

Mobile phone

Make an appointment

Call your chosen garage to book your car in for an appointment

Man by a car

Take your car & voucher in

Take your voucher along to the garage when you take your car in

To qualify for the offer you must live in the UK, be over 17 years old, and have bought car insurance while logged into your account on MoneySuperMarket, on or after 27 May 2021.

The reward is £150 of credit to spend against a range of vouchers for car upkeep and maintenance offers and discounts.

The available offers are shown in your rewards dashboard, and you can browse through these and choose to use them at any time during your 12 months access.

The rewards cover a wide range of car maintenance categories such as MOT, servicing, new tyres and car health checks. We’ve teamed up with lots of great providers to make sure there are garages local to everyone in England, Scotland and Wales.

Once you have bought your car insurance and we’ve had confirmation of it, we’ll send you a welcome email to let you know your rewards are ready to use. This will usually be 7 days after you buy your insurance, but in some cases it could take up to 45 days. You can click the link in the email to go to your rewards dashboard. Or, you can log in to your MoneySuperMarket account and click on ‘Rewards’.

You can use the vouchers for 12 months from the date you get your welcome email.

If you buy more than one car insurance policy, we will automatically add £150 to your account balance for each additional policy.

We'll use the vouchers that are expiring soonest first, so you can keep your vouchers for as long as possible.

Your welcome email will tell you how to use your MoneySuperMarket account details to access your rewards dashboard.

You’ll then be able to choose a reward category from MOT, Servicing & Maintenance, Tyres and At Home Services to see the individual offers available. Once you’ve chosen, you can find a local garage using our mapping tool and claim your voucher.

You will have access to the rewards platform for 12 months from the date you get your welcome email. Once you’ve claimed a reward, and you’ve received your voucher or voucher code, you’ll have 3 months to use it.

If you cancel your car insurance policy early, you won’t be able to use the car rewards anymore.

You can read the full T&Cs here.


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