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How to check your car is roadworthy

Is your MOT due?

All cars over three years old must by law have a valid MOT certificate to prove they are road worthy. Failure to renew each year can lead to big fines. But as winter approaches it is always good practice to ensure your vehicle is safe and running well

By Rachel Wait

Published: 02 December 2020

Mechanics working on a car in a garage

Looking for car insurance?

All motorists have a responsibility to ensure their vehicle is safe on the roads. Anyone caught driving a car or van, for example, that is not safe could be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get three penalty points on their driving licence.

Despite continued restrictions across the country during the coronavirus pandemic, MOT and servicing of cars continues as normal. If you’re not sure, you can check to see when your car’s MOT is due.

Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive

It makes sense to find out more about how the MOT works and learn a few quick checks that will ensure your vehicle is always safe to be on the road

What checks should you carry out?

Following this guidance will ensure your car is safe to drive. Should you discover an issue that means your vehicle could be dangerous to drive, it’s important to take it to get repaired at your nearest garage as soon as possible.

And regardless of local restrictions and lockdowns, it’s crucial to ensure your car always remains insured. If you would prefer not to drive your car and don’t want to pay insurance, you’ll need to declare it off the road using a SORN. Our guide explains how.