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Car Insurance Group 8

published: 01 January 2022
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Cars in group 8 will be reliable and affordable plus they will have some of the lowest car insurance costs.

Car Insurance Group 8 – All you need to know.

All cars are put into insurance groups by insurers. These are based on their market value, the cost of repairs and replacing the car, and the risk of them being involved in an accident. There are 50 groups and those in the lower-down numbers are cheaper to insure while those closer to 50 are more expensive.

Cars in group 8 include the Fiat Punto, Ford Fiesta, and the MINI Countryman. There are lots more and the best way to find out what insurance group a car will be in is to check with an insurer or use our free car insurance group calculator.

Row of different cars parked on street

Which cars are in car insurance group 8?

Cars in insurance group 8 are some of the cheapest to insure. This is because they will be popular cars that are known for being reliable and it should be pretty easy to find spare parts and to repair one. This means costs are kept lower for an insurer and therefore insurance premiums will also be low. 

They tend to have relatively small engines and will be small cars when compared with cars in higher-up insurance groups. While lots of things impact the cost of car insurance, including the driver’s age, profession, and address, choosing a car in a low-down insurance group may also help to lower costs.

Why are cars in group 8 the cheapest?

Cars in group 8 are some of the cheapest to insure, although those in groups 1 to 7 may have cheaper premiums. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Small, reliable cars

  • Easy to repair and find spare parts

  • Low risk of being in an accident

  • Low cost to insurers if the car is involved in an accident

Are group 8 cars a good option for young drivers?

Young drivers face the highest average costs for any drivers on the road. This is because statistically they are most at risk of having an accident. They also aren’t able to build up any driving experience so are usually given a higher price until they can get some experience on the road.

There are lots of ways young drivers can cut their costs, and one is by picking a car in a low-down insurance group, such as one in insurance group 8. Although it’s always worth checking before you buy as it might be cheaper to buy a car in groups 1 to 7. 

Cars in group 8 include:

  • There are lots of cars in group 8, including the following models: 

  • Aixam: A751

  • Alfa Romeo: Mito

  • Chevrolet: Matiz

  • Citroen: C1

  • Dacia: Duster Estate

  • Fiat: 500 hatchback

  • Fiat: Panda

  • Fiat: Punto

  • Ford: Fiesta

  • Ford: Focus hatchback

  • Honda: Civic hatchback

  • Hyundai: ix20

  • Jeep: Renegade

  • Kia: Picanto

  • Kia: Rio

  • MINI: Countryman

  • Renault: Modus

  • SEAT: Leon hatchback

  • Skodia: Fabia hatchback

  • Vokswagen: Beetle

  • Volkswagen: Polo

What group would my electric/hybrid car be in?

Electric cars tend to be in higher-up insurance groups because they’re still seen as specialist cars. This is because while they may be cheap to run, the upfront cost is still relatively high. The exact insurance group will depend on the car, make, and model so to find out you’ll need to ask an insurer or you can check with our free car insurance group calculator

What group would my classic car be in?

If you have a classic car, the car insurance cost should be relatively low, especially when compared to a car you use every day. It all depends on what you use the car for though, and what kind of car it is. If the car has a small engine and doesn’t go too fast, it may be a lower-down group. While if it’s a specialist car it could be in a higher-up insurance group.

What group would my modified car be in?

The insurance group for your car will depend on its make, model, and age. However, if you have a modified car you will need to let an insurer know as this can change the price. 

In some cases, modifications can make car insurance premiums more expensive but if it’s something to improve the security, for example, this could make your car insurance cheaper. 

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