World’s most expensive caravan

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If you were lucky enough to win a couple of million on the Lottery, the chances are a caravan might not be top of your wish-list. But that’s exactly how much you’d need to buy the ultimate motorhome, designed by Austrian company Marchi Mobile, which comes complete with under-floor heating, a leather-trimmed interior and its very own roof-terrace. For the £1.9m price-tag, however, personally I’d expect the EleMMent Palazzo campervan to be gilded in gold, so it makes you wonder what else it offers to tempt anyone (er, daft enough?) to pay this price. First, there’s the luxurious master bedroom, complete with en suite shower, plus a 40-inch TV. However, in my book this still isn’t enough to warrant its cost, especially when £1.9m can buy you a luxury six bedroom Victorian house with nearly 10 acres of land in Edenbridge, Kent, or a three-bedroom flat in iconic Shaftesbury Avenue in the heart of London (source:
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And even though the bathroom facilities might be beautiful, let’s face it, somebody’s still ultimately got to be responsible for emptying that loo at some point. Nope, I’m afraid neither the ‘glow-in-the-dark’ finish (unless you’re Scooby-Doo, that’s useful jst how, exactly?) nor the working fireplace can convince me that £1.9m is a fair price to pay for what is, essentially, a campervan. You can, of course, pimp this ride and add even more to the price tag by choosing your own bespoke features – personally, I’m thinking hot tub on the roof, with extendable James Bond style-wings and jet engines to lift you clear of any traffic jam. Although my adjustments might be just a teensy bit far-fetched, the EleMMent Palazzo does come with a pop-out living area, which effectively doubles the living space to 430 sq ft. According to March Mobile, this van is likely to suit either a rock star or a Formula One driver looking for a luxury tour bus. But can a caravan ever really be cool enough for either of these? My other major issue with this motorhome is that, aesthetically, from the outside anyway, it simply ain’t pleasing to the eye. Whereas most people can admire the quirky beauty of the classic VW campervan, the Marchi Mobile motorhome looks like something that’s just driven off the set of ‘Alien’. Its large round windscreen looks like a big satellite has been plonked on top of it, while there appear to be two front teeth emerging out of the prow of the vehicle. All in all, it’s not exactly what you’d call a handsome beast. But I can’t be totally negative because this ‘palace on wheels’ does have a few redeeming features, namely its green credentials. Its advanced aerodynamics system means that fuel consumption is 20% lower than alternative vehicles this size, and yet it’s surprisingly pacy, with a top speed of 93mph, thanks to its 510bhp engine.
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It also wins points for safety, due to the strength of the glass fibre plastic cabin, and the fact that the seating position is much higher than it would be in comparable vehicles. Despite these plus points, however, paying the thick end of £2m for a caravan still seems excessive, especially when you could probably stay in a different luxury 5-star hotel every night for the rest of your life for that sort of money. So if I am lucky enough to win the Lottery one day and get the urge for a spot of camping, I still think I’ll stick with the humble tent, thanks very much - even if it only glows in the dark when the torch is on. [text-blocks id=cta-banner]

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