Hate potholes? Get one fixed today

One thing unites drivers across the land – their loathing of potholes.
But it’s not a purely British phenomenon. Last year’s National Pothole Day, organised by Street Repairs, caught the eye of beleaguered motorists across the globe. Scarred streets and ragged roads are, it seems, a universal problem – which is why today is World Pothole Day. The aim is to raise awareness of the problem and encourage governments to spend serious money putting it right. Not only will smoother surfaces reduce wear and tear on vehicles, it will also cut accidents and improve safety for all road users – including cyclists.

How to report a pothole

You can report any nasty potholes you come across – or crash into – in the tool below. This should encourage the authorities to fix the problem. And to get involved via social media, check out @StreetRepairs and the #WorldPotholeDay hashtag on Twitter...

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