First names steer the cars we drive

What's in a name? Is it linked to your life choices? If so, what does your name say about you? MoneySupermarket reveals unusual traits in car ownership in the UK, and identifies trends for certain names to have a higher brand ownership than average.

The Name Game - what does your name say about you?

From the research, a list of the top 200 given male and female names has been associated with a car brand. Each name has the highest rate of ownership for each vehicle brand shown.

A full list of the 200 names is included at the bottom of this article, to jump to see what car you are please click here.

For example, a higher percentage of drivers named Jacob own a Volkswagen than the average UK motoring population. A man named Jacob is 69 percent more likely to own a Volkswagen than the average vehicle owner.

Cars and the stars?

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Austin Healey
Perhaps the strangest car name relationship, the rugby player Austin Healey's name was actually suggested by his grandfather. However Martin Johnson's theory is that Austin was conceived in the back of one![/caption]
  • While Stephen Fry famously drives around in a black taxi, and Jessica Ennis was handed the keys to a brand new Jaguar following her success in the Olympics, anyone called Stephen will more likely drive a Land Rover, while Jessica is more likely drive a Ferrari..
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton thrilled crowds around Buckingham Palace on their wedding day when they went for a spin in a blue Aston Martin belonging to Prince Charles. However, drivers called William are more likely to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari sports car while Kate prefers the elegance of a Maserati.
  • Celebrities including singing sensation Justin Beiber and One Direction’s Harry Styles have a penchant for fast cars. The analysis shows men with the name Justin are more likely to drive Porsches which isn’t worlds apart from Justin Bieber’s real choice of motor, which is a Fisker Karmer. Harry Styles has recently been seen driving a white Ford Capri he bought on eBay, a far cry from the analysis showing Harry’s amongst those more likely to drive Bentleys.

Brand Names?

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Headlights on a car manufactured by the now defunct TVR. The business was founded by a man called Trevor (TreVoR).[/caption]

The analysis shows some interesting relationships between names and the leading car brands: -

  • Damiens and Vincents are the names most likely to drive a Porsche, whereas Jades and Garys have the highest affinity with Fords.
  • Rugged types Bruce and Donald have the strongest ownership of Jeeps, whereas Land Rovers are more frequently preferred by more sensible Nigels and Rogers.
  • Nationalities, it seems, have a strong influence on the cars driven with Antonios indexing highest with Alfa Romeo, Francescas with Fiats, and Ellies with Citroens.
  • Those who topped the chart of souped-up Subaru drivers are called Shane, Dale and Carly. While those more likely to drive Skodas have more sensible names such as Norman, Roland and Valerie.
  • The research found the names highly associated with Jaguars are straight-laced Bernards, Malcolms, Audreys and Janets, while whereas those called Jeremy are most likely to drive Aston Martins - taking after Mr. Clarkson himself.
For the leading relationships between names and car brand please click here.

Why it's just for fun....

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Hitchhikers Ford Prefect
One of the heroes of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was Ford Prefect – a name chosen by the alien visitor because it was so common on earth.[/caption]

While the findings of this research are based on real data, the results show interesting tendencies as opposed to hard and fast rules of life. Perhaps the boring truth of car ownership in the UK is that many of us own cars from just a few of the leading brands. Vauxhalls (14.4%) and Fords (14.3%) make up a large proportion of the UK's cars - whereas Bentleys and Rolls are exclusively rare. So while it is interesting to see what names are more likely to own Maseratis and Astons, most of us will have to content ourselves that at least our more modest cars are cheaper to insure!

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