What does your job say about your driving?

Do you work in the healthcare sector? Turns out you’re most likely to make an at-fault claim on your car insurance policy.
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We took a look at nearly 11 million car insurance quotes run on the MoneySuperMarket website in the year to June 2015 and found that hygienists topped the list of professions making the most at-fault claims. Other health professionals, including hospital consultants, anaesthetists and GPs, were also identified as having a higher rate of at-fault claims. The professions making fewest claims include china restorers, funfair workers and building society clerks, along with parachute packers, mattress makers and carpet cleaners. Here’s the rankings of the most and fewest claims made by profession:
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Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Insurance companies recognise thousands of job titles, so it’s important to make sure that, when applying for car insurance, you pick the one that is closest to your actual line of work. “Your choice will affect the cost of your car insurance premium, but it is essential not to try to ‘game’ the system by selecting an occupation that doesn’t match the work you actually do in a bid to secure a lower premium. “This is a form of insurance fraud, and anyone found to have done it could invalidate their cover and even face legal proceedings.”  

How claims affect the cost of your policy

If you’ve made a claim, whether you were at fault or not, the premium of your renewal is likely to increase, although expect the increase to be steeper if you were at fault. The average claim value for an ‘at-fault’ accident is £2,500, and claiming for either an ‘at-fault’ or ‘not-at-fault’ accident drives premiums up by an average £134. If you’ve made a claim, you need to make sure you let your insurer know when you are renewing your policy as this is a legal requirement. But, fear not, it’s not all doom and gloom if you have had to make a claim. Insurers typically save their best prices for ‘new’ customers, so running a quote on comparison site will allow you see whether an insurer will match the cover you have, or at best, offer you a better deal just to win your business.

Top tips if you need to make a claim

Whether you were at-fault for not, being in a car accident can be a really stressful time. But, keeping a cool head and having the know-how of what to do next will ensure your claim gets dealt with in the most effective way. Check out our following tips:
  1. Inform the authorities and/or emergency services

If you’re involved in a minor collision with another vehicle, someone else’s property or with another person, you should notify the police of the incident within 24 hours at the very latest. If the circumstances of any accident are in dispute, you should call the police immediately, along with the ambulance service to attend to any injuries.
  1. Find your insurance policy documents

Having the right paperwork to hand before you call your insurer should help you get through to someone who can help you as quickly as possible
  1. Collect your thoughts before calling your insurer

The words you choose now could affect your ability to make a successful insurance claim later. Also, be sure to give your insurer the full facts. Failure to be honest about what happened could constitute insurance fraud. Even if you choose not to claim on your insurance you must still notify your provider that you've been involved in an accident, or that your car has been criminally damaged.
  1. Consider the value of your no claims bonus and the level of your total excess

If you have a long history of driving without incident, it could be that losing some or all of your no claims discount alone will ultimately cost you more than paying for minor repairs to your vehicle - in which case you might decide not to make an insurance claim.  

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