Wanted: Your views on the future of the driving test

Do you have an opinion on what could be done to make life better for UK drivers? If you do, the Department for Transport (DfT) wants to hear it. It is asking motorists for their views on its strategy for this Parliament, due to be published next spring. Topics up for discussion include the introduction of a new driving test and the use of tablet or smartphone applications for drivers and vehicle owners. However, the government is also inviting motorists to make general suggestions and observations on the motoring services it provides. “This consultation is about setting the strategic direction that the agencies should take over the life of this Parliament,” the DfT said. “It will inform the strategy which the department intends to publish in the spring of 2016.”

How your views could have an impact

The DfT provides services to drivers, vehicle owners and the automotive industry through three motoring services agencies. These work together to improve road safety: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA); Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA); Vehicle Certification Agency (VSA). The issues the DfT is asking motorists to comment on with a view to shaping the actions of these agencies between 2016 and 2020 include driving tests, digital services and deregulation. “The agencies have removed many regulations that place an unnecessary burden on the public or business,” the DfT said. “We are keen, however, to find further examples of regulation that could be removed.” To help people respond to the consultation, the DfT has come up with a number of questions aimed at both individual motorists and general road users, and the automotive industry.

Questions for motorists include…

  • As we change the practical driving test to ensure it reflects the modern driving experience, what views do respondents have about how we can maintain standards and give candidates clear information about the competencies tested in the driving test?
  • What could be done to ensure that candidates are better prepared for their practical test?
  • Would smartphone or tablet applications for drivers and owners be welcomed? Would the public sector be best placed to provide such services?
  • Are there any other areas of regulation administered or enforced by the motoring agencies, which you consider should be reviewed and potentially be safely reduced during the next four years?
However, views on other aspects of motoring services in the UK are also welcomed. The DfT said: “We are seeking your views on the whole range of the agencies’ activities. “In addition to a number of specific consultation questions, we invite respondents to make observations and suggestions concerning the agencies.” For more details, download the consultation document.

How to have your say

You have until January 8, 2016 to send your views to the government either by e-mail or by post. The email address to send your comments to is: motoringservicesstrategy@dft.gsi.gov.uk

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