Top 7 driving apps

For the most part, smartphones and motors should never mix. Using a phone while at the wheel could land you with a £100 on-the-spot, fixed-penalty fine or, even worse, see you involved in a serious accident. Driver distraction is a contributory factor in more than one in five (22%) crashes. However, that doesn’t mean that motorists shouldn’t embrace new technology – just not while driving. So here’s our top 7 driving apps to make your life on the road a lot less stressful…

1. Car insurance by MoneySuperMarket Free

MoneySuperMarket knows better than anyone that sorting your car insurance can be a chore. So we introduced our car insurance app to make comparing quotes as easy as 1,2,3 – you can switch insurers in just 3 taps. If you’ve already run quotes on the desktop site, simply log in to the app and it’ll pull up your last lot of quotes. Then you can amend details, run more quotes and even buy insurance straight from your phone or tablet.

2. ParkingAssistant by BMW Free

Are you in a constant rush to get back to your car before your parking ticket expires? If so, this is the app for you – simply start the clock when you park your car and BMW ParkingAssistant will send you a signal in advance of your parking ticket, permit or parking meter expiring. The app automatically factors in the time it’ll take you to get back to your car from your current location, and even if you’ve no idea where you left your car, the route display will guide you back – so no more multi-storey car park panic attacks.

3. RingGo Free

So you’ve got your parking app and you’ll definitely make it back before your ticket expires – except you’ve got no change to get a ticket from the machine! Fear not, because you also downloaded the RingGo meaning you can pay for parking using your credit or debit card instead. Use of this app is offered at 4,000 sites across the UK, including over 60 local authorities, 10 railway operators and a number of private parking operators including NCP.

4. TyreSafe Free

Having underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by as much as 20% and increase tyre wear by 30% - the trouble is, even if you know your tyres need pumping up, it can be a nightmare trying to find out the correct tyre pressure for your car. With this app, you simply tap in your registration and it will confirm the vehicle type, tyre size and recommended pressure settings in both psi and bar.

5. Garmin UK & Ireland £44.99

Although the cost of this app may seem a little steep, it’s still less than half the price of a standalone satnav and having the software available on your smartphone means there’s no need to carry an additional device around. It has all the features you’d expect from a satnav, and comes with real-time safety camera updates and alerts, photoReal images of complex junctions and rich mapping with detailed 3D buildings and landmarks. One word of warning though, it comes with in-app purchases so that £44.99 could soon escalate.

6. PetrolPrices Pro £2.99

The occasional supermarket price war aside, petrol prices aren’t getting any cheaper and so it makes sense to fill up at a forecourt that offers the cheapest prices. And because none of us want to drive round for hours looking for the best deal – that’d not only be a waste of time, it’d also be massively counter-productive – the PetrolPrices Pro app can automatically find your location and give you the cheapest prices in your area for a range of fuel types including unleaded, super unleaded, diesel, premium diesel, LPG and LRP.

7. Witness Driving £0.69

Although the insurance industry is cracking down on fraud, crash for cash and bogus claims are still a big problem in the UK – adding an estimated £50 on to each and every one of our policies! An effective way to beat the fraudsters is to have a dash-mounted camera, as this can show exactly who was at fault at the time of an accident – trouble is, like satnav systems, they don’t come cheap. That’s where the Witness Driving app comes in handy as it will turn your smartphone into a dash-mounted camera that can record an hour of high quality footage and even comes with an accident management system to record important info, store your insurance details and even notify someone you’ve been in a crash – all for less than a pound! Do you have a favourite motoring app we’ve not mentioned? Give it a shout in the boxes below…

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