The best car I’ve ever driven was a...

Last week we told you about the first car experiences of the MoneySuperMarket team and ushered you into a world of combo vans and Red Barons. But as first cars are often the worst cars we’ll ever drive, we’ve decided to go to the other end of the scale this week to find out which are the best cars the chaps have ever driven. So let’s take a look at the hottest wheels we’ve been behind…

Chloe Halsted, digital training and development manager: Formula Palmer Audi

Chloe in a race car
“Many years ago I was privileged enough to be taken to Palmer Sports in Bedford for a whole day’s worth of driving madness! We got to drive Caterhams, Land Rover Defenders, Karts and a Palmer Jaguar, but best of all was a ‘Formula Palmer Audi’ which I got to drive ON MY OWN! “Being one of only two girls on the day, I wanted to show off my speed demon nature, so hurtling around the race track I’m sure I hit the 140mph mark which was pretty scary but so much fun! Take me back please!!!”

Mark Hooson, senior writer: Tumbler Batmobile

“Okay, so I didn’t actually get behind the wheel, but this was probably as close as I’m ever going to get. This was one of the Tumbler Batmobiles used in film The Dark Knight Rises, on the red carpet at the European premiere that I was lucky enough to go to last year. “It’s a fully functional car, and was driven onto Leicester Square for the occasion – but they didn’t want to let me have a go, unfortunately.”

Lucy Mather, OP search executive: Nissan Navarra

“I used to work in Puerto Banus, Spain, for a computer repair company, and one of my job’s was to deliver the computers back after the repair, we had a ‘Port Pass’ for when we had to deliver back to the super yachts. “The company ‘car’ was an enormous silver Nissan Navara, it used to be hilarious seeing how quickly they got their Ferraris and Bugattis out of the way of this huge beaten up truck with a look of horror on their faces. It was so much fun to drive there.”

Steven Allen, video producer: Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo

I’m a big fan of rallying, so when I saw a chance to jump behind the wheel of a 260bhp turbo-charged Subaru I was in there faster than a wheel-spin in a wet car park. I’d rallied before in smaller-engined cars, but as soon as I touched the throttle I knew this was completely different territory. The frame shook as the engine fired, and the noise bounced off the roll cage and rattled my brain. And this was before I’d even got to the first corner! It’s quite something to hear “faster, faster, faster!” in your earpiece when you’re barrelling towards a S-bend at, with no hyperbole at all, what seemed like 300mph. It’s also something to have to pull the handbrake and slide the backside out of a car that I was (frankly) terrified of! But once done, I climbed back into my Focus for the journey home. Its whimper just didn’t cut it anymore. I was hooked, intoxicated by the power I’d once briefly held in my hands. I’m sorry old friend, but I’ve found love in all the wrong places…

Laura Howard, money editor: Daewoo Matiz

“I bought this car 10 years ago from a local garage in Dagenham, Essex. It was three years old but for £3,000 cash, I got four doors, air conditioning, electric windows and a CD player. It didn’t matter a jot to me that it had a 797cc engine built around three cylinders. I didn’t even know what that meant (and still don’t). “Even back then my friends laughed. ‘My hairdryer’s more powerful than that!’ one claimed, while another declined to borrow it even when her car was in for repairs. When I received a fine for stopping in a box junction and showed the photographic evidence to a work colleague, he said I should have been fined just for driving the car in the first place. “But this car – which became known as the Frog, the Roller Skate or the Toad Wagon – was the most cost-efficient, useful and reliable purchase of my life so far. It stayed with me until just two months ago when I finally conceded that repairing the water tank (and brakes) was not worth the cost.”

Les Roberts, senior writer: VW Beetle GT


“Not many people can say that they’ve driven their dream car, let alone own it, but I fulfilled my motoring ambition when I became the proud owner of an apple green 1972 VW Beetle GT – I guess that’s the benefit of setting your sights low. “This was the exact car that had started my love affair with the Volkswagen Beetle – there was one just like it living in my nan’s road when I was a kid – and now I finally owned one with its ‘roaring’ 1600cc engine, steel wheels, spring loaded gear shift and matte black padded dash, which was the air bag of its day – you were better off hitting your head on a padded dashboard than the old metal one! “Above is the original poster, which I also received when I bought the car, outlining its many features – and it was the only Beetle ever to be badged as a ‘Beetle’. “The car was a real head turner - the colour was so vivid that hundreds of black and greenfly would descend on it every summer in search of their chlorophyll fix. And although it had no mods cons it was far and away the best car I’ve ever driven purely because it’s the one car I’ve always wanted to drive. “But if we’re talking mod cons, then I’d have to go with the space-age Chevrolet Volt!” What's the best car you've ever driven? As ever, let us know in the boxes below or on Twitter using the hashtag #MyBestCarWasA

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