The best and worst special edition cars

Every so often, car makers like to create publicity and drum up sales by making special editions of their vehicles to tie in with a popular film, or special events. Sometimes the result is a match made in vehicular heaven, but sometimes the marketing departments are given a little too much influence – resulting in some truly awful product tie-ins. Here’s a look at some of those special edition cars, which you can rank from best to worst for yourself!

SpongeBob SquarePants Toyota Highlander

Source: Toyota
Bizarrely, Toyota recently teamed up with Nickelodeon to produce this cartoon-themed version of the Highlander. It features “a custom SpongeBob-themed exterior and an interior design that captures all of the beloved character’s high-octane energy”. Apparently.

The Dark Knight Rises Nissan Juke

Source: Nissan 
This Batman-themed Nissan Juke was created to celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises last year. It features a matt black finish and bat symbol insignia on the grille and headrests. Batphone not included.

MINI London 2012 Edition

2012 MINI
Source: Mini
Companies were lining up to associate themselves with the Games last year, and MINI produced this special edition with the official logo on the roof and a glass etching of the London skyline on the dashboard.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Special Edition


Source: Chevrolet
Sadly this muscle car doesn’t transform into a giant talking robot like in the film, but it is kitted out with Autobot insignia and transformer detailing both inside and out.

After Eight Mini

mini ae
mini ae2

A baffling partnership with Nestle in France produced this gem in 1991, an After Eight branded mini. The steering wheel even has a little After Eight logo.

Barbie Fiat 500

Barbie Fiat 500 2
Barbie Fiat 500

Source: Fiat/Facebook 
Fiat teamed up with Mattel to make this Barbie-themed Fiat 500, which comes with lip glosses in the glove compartment and an LED-lit dashboard vanity mirror.

Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition

Vanquish Centenary Edition

Source: Aston Martin
Aston Martin celebrates its centenary this year and has produced a limited number of centenary editions of some of its fleet to mark the occasion. The Centenary Edition Vanquish has a unique finish, solid silver badges and comes with a bag of fancy Aston Martin keepsakes. On-road parking not advised.  

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