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Personalised number plates - love them or hate them? Some see them as a great way to add personality to their four wheels while others see them as an unnecessary statement that fuels our frustration when spotted zooming down the B roads. We’ve taken a look at memorable plates of some of our favourite celebrities. Judge for yourself and let us know which ones are in poll position and which should have been left on the hard shoulder by tweeting @MoneySuperMkt.

1. The Queen

A7number plate
We’re not sure how much Her Majesty would agree with being called a celeb, but something she would surely agree on is how great her number plate is. A7 was one of the first personalised number plates to be issued in the UK, with the coveted A1 number plate going to Earl Russell in 1903.

2. Lord Sugar

Seen on TV over the past few weeks putting some of the UK’s biggest business wannabees through their paces on The Apprentice, Lord Sugar’s number plate is based on the initials of his full name – Alan Michael Sugar. Judging by this year’s candidates, we’re pretty sure he won’t be giving many of them a free ride to work.

3. Sir John Madejski

The brains behind Auto Trader magazine and also owner of JM 2, it would only be right for Sir John Madejski to have some pretty iconic plates.

4. Amy Childs

Recently part of Money SuperMarket’s Epic Car Crusher competition, Essex’s very own Miss Childs has her signature catchphrase ‘well jel’ attached to the back of her white Range Rover. Would you describe yourself as, er, ‘well jealous’?

5. Theo Paphitis

We’re pretty sure the former Dragon didn’t customise his number plate with the assistance of a jumbo Sharpie pen. The Ryman’s entrepreneur’s plate can be seen on the back of his chromed Maybach 62S, a model that can cost upwards of £830,000.

6. Chris Tarrant

Perhaps best known for hosting Who wants to be a millionaire? Chris Tarrant is an avid fisher in his spare time and chose to have his favourite catch of the day on his plate.

7. Nicky Clarke

Known for his coiffed blonde locks and hairdressing empire, Nicky Clarke adds a new dimension to the notion of the hairdresser’s car.

8. Amir Khan

A fan of personalised number plates, the gold medal Olympic boxer also has V60 XER, A180 XER and R6 KK0 in his fleet of boxing-inspired plates.

9. Justin Bieber



While this number plate isn’t owned by the crooning troublemaker, this personalised plate is currently on rent to one of Justin’s Australian fans for $440 a year. Unbeliebable!

Number plates generated by http://www.maxiwebs.co.uk/numberplate/

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