QUIZ: How well do you know your road signs?

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The Highway Code features 160 different road signs, and us motorists are expected to know what each and every one of them means - which is fair enough really as getting them mixed up could lead to all sorts of bother.

So how well do you know your road signs? Take our quick quiz to find out...

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What is a road sign?

A road sign is any sign that gives information to road users. This could be a permanent sign such as one to indicate a road is one way or a temporary sign warning of road works.

The trouble is there are currently too many road signs cluttering the road side - the number of highway signs has doubled over the last two decades, from 2.45 million in 1993 to around 4.57 million in 2013.

And too many signs not only creates an eyesore, it can also confuse drivers and stop them seeing essential messages.

The problem has gotten so bad that as of today (April 22, 2016) local councils have been given new powers to take down any road signs they deem out-of-date or unnecessary, and it's estimated this will save £30 million in running  costs by 2020.

The new rules also mean fewer road signs will need to be lit at night, which will save on energy costs and reduce light pollution, though all safety signs, such as stop signs, will still have to be fully lit.

Any temporary road signs will now have ‘remove by’ dates on the back, so residents know exactly when they should be removed, and signs for things like cycle lanes and permit-only parking now only need to be shown as a road marking - a move which will undoubtedly confuse many motorists and see a rise in the number of parking fines issued.

Something else that could see more fines handed out is the decision to remove the need to place repeat speed limit signs - each council can now decide on how many speed limit signs are needed to inform drivers what limits apply.

How well do other road users know their road signs?

By now you should know how well you know your road signs, but what other road users? We took to the streets to see how well people knew what certain road signs meant, here's how they got on...

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