Our favourite fairground attractions

After looking at the relatively heavy subjects of Liverpool’s disappearing bus lanes and the UK’s most dangerous roads over the last couple of days, we thought we’d take our foot off the pedal for Friday and ask the MoneySuperMarket team for their favourite thrill rides. And we got everything from stomach-churning rollercoaster rides to wide-boy spun waltzers. “Scream if you wanna go faster…!”

Steven Allen, video editor: Rita, Queen of Speed, Alton Towers, UK

“Admittedly, it’s the Nemesis really, but everyone’s going to say that! So to be different I’m going to say it’s another ride at Alton Towers called Rita. Personally, each time I get on I find that you just can’t prepare you for the acceleration! Queue is always mad for a short ride experience, but it’s worth it for that “go, go, go!” sound recording as the powered launch flings you out the station. Always quality pictures to laugh at once you’ve got off as well!”

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Kevin Pratt, editor: Waltzers, travelling fairgrounds across the UK

“How about least favourite? Not a theme park rollercoaster, but the fairground waltzers. Any waltzers, any fairground. Because there’s always some curly-haired, twinkle-eyed, jack-the-lad attendant who delights in giving the car an extra spin at every opportunity. Look, geezer, I know you’re only trying to impress the ladies, but I’m only on the damn thing because my daughter beseeched me to come with her. And now I’m going to feel seasick and concussed for three days straight. Hope you’re happy.”

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Kate Murphy, PR & Communications Officer: Nemesis, Alton Towers, UK

“Nemesis at Alton Towers! No matter how many new rides they bring out, THAT is always the one that I want to go on!”

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Damian Burke, senior search executive: Cobra, Ratanga Junction, South Africa

“My first rollercoaster experience was on the Cobra at Ratanga Junction in Cape Town when I was about 17. I’m not generally one to shy away from heights or speed, and I’d been on a few log rides before, but nothing could have prepared me for that my-ear-drums-are-going-to-burst feeling. Not sure what I was expecting, but I definitely changed my mind shortly after the apex. “Leaving the park, I felt I’d escaped death and was rethinking some things. I wouldn’t say I’d never do it again, but I’m more likely to be found on the teacups or the dodge ’ems (or ‘bumper cars’ in South Africa).”

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Les Roberts, senior writer: Kraken, Sea World, USA

“I was about 10 the first time I ever went on a rollercoaster with a loop, it was at Butlin’s in Ayr and I returned home to my friends with tales of an iron stomach and nerves of steel. After that I was hooked, and I’d say the best one I’ve been on was Kraken in Sea World, Florida “It’s not quite an inverted coaster though your legs are dangling, it’s fast, has a massive drop and a few loops, job done. Then there’s the slow and nerve-wracking ascent followed by the sheer drop over the lake once you reach the summit, take a look…”

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Jody Oakes, video editor: Thunder Looper, Alton Towers, UK

“It’s not the best rollercoaster I’ve ever been on, but it was my first and I’ll never forget it. “It was on a trip with the school for all of us in our final year of juniors. I’d never been on a rollercoaster before, so to say I was nervous was a understatement, all I remember thinking was ‘You can’t back out, you’re at the front of the queue, you’ll never live it down’, so I braved it out. “The ride itself was the ricketiest thing I’ve ever been on, the bar that ‘held you in place’ didn’t hold me in place, mainly because my legs where a lot skinnier than the girl I was sat next to so there was a good 4 inches gap! “The panic I felt as we hit the loop is something that will stay with me forever! Genuinely thought I was going to fall out (I was a very dramatic 10 year old). “It never put me off though, in fact, it’s probably what started off my need for adrenaline and love of rollercoasters.”

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Will Schiller, search executive: Formula Rossa, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

“This springs to mind: Formula Rossa, Ferrari world. Fastest roller coaster in the world. 149mph! Not been on it, but plan to one day.”

[embed width="660" height="415"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INn1dK_l0uc[/embed]

Alan Catherall, content editor: The Incredible Hulk, Universal Isalnds of Adventure, USA.

"Only one for me is the Incredible Hulk in Universal Islands of Adventure Florida. I’d been on the Kraken, Thunder Mountain and Duelling Dragons before getting to ride the Hulk and for me normally, one of the best parts of a Roller Coaster is the slow ascent up and up until the inevitable drop that makes your stomach do somersaults… But this is where the Hulk gets you. You start in a long tunnel pointing towards the sky, with gamma ray green pulsing lights getting faster and faster and frantic shouting all around you until, with a roar, you are shot up 150 foot out of the tunnel straight into the loops and turns. No waiting, no slow build up, just furious like its namesake. It’s Incredible…"

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What's your favourite rollercoaster? Tell us all about it below (with video link if possible)...

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