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No matter how long ago we started driving, we all remember our first car, and for many of us it represented that first taste of freedom and the ability to get out and get away whenever we wanted - unless the car was shared with a parent and we had to ask permission every time we wanted a taste of freedom. And no matter how much of a clapped-out rust bucket our first car was, any defects were usually put down to the car having 'personality' - so here are a selection of cars in which some of the MoneySuperMarket team first took to the roads...

Clare Francis, editor-in-chief: Peugeot 205

"I know some people absolutely loved their first car. I never did. I hated the colour; the beige nylon, plastic interior and the really thin steering wheel. But I loved what it enabled me to do – it gave me freedom. I grew up in the Peak District and went to school 13 miles from home, so none of my school friends were local. That meant going out either meant a 45 minute walk (mostly uphill) to the nearest train station, a slow, tiresome journey down the A6 on a bus or a lift to the station if I could get one. "Having a car and being able to drive therefore revolutionised my life and for that it didn't matter that most of my friends had better cars than I did. "I was lucky that insurance wasn't as expensive for young drivers when I passed my test as it is today so I was able to have my own car and start building up my no claims discount straight away. Although once my brother learned to drive and we had to share the car, we alternated whose name the insurance was in each year so we could both get an NCD. "Overall, I have fond memories of my little Peugeot 205 although I was glad when it ‘died’ and was replaced by a white Metro, which was slightly less Granddad-like!

Jody Oakes, video producer: Fiat Cinquecento

“This was my first car. Yes, that’s right, the same banger they used in Inbetweeners: The Fiat Cinquecento 1.0 litre “It was the butt of many jokes but got me and my mates plus a load of beer and camping equipment to the Leeds Festival and back (we still don’t know how). “It had numerous new clutch cables and needed the gear box fixed – and it wouldn’t stay in fifth gear – but I still have a soft spot for her. She gave me my freedom.”

Emma Welsby, senior search executive: Vauxhall Combo

“My first car was… a van! I had a red Vauxhall Combo called Bert. The reason why is that I studied music at uni and I needed a way to get my drums and percussion about. It also came in handy when I used to play in the flagship band for Harley Davidson… we played at loads of biker festivals in Europe.”

Mark Hooson, senior Writer: Ford Ka

“Embarrassingly, my first car was a blue, 2000 (I think) Ford Ka. “Mine wasn’t in as good condition as the one pictured. Its bumpers had greyed out, the way they do on the Ka, and it was as rusty as it was cheap. “The 1.0 litre Ka probably cost me more in repairs over the year-or-so I owned it than I actually paid the dealer for it. “It handled like a go kart and leaked oil everywhere until I was forced to pay a small fortune to replace the rotting oil sump. It cost me loads in labour because, apparently, its components are crammed into such a small space that removing the oil sump meant first removing lots of other parts. “I’d like to look back on my first car with fond nostalgia, but I can’t.”

Steven Allen, video producer: Nissan Sunny

SteveRed Baron
“My first car was an (already ancient) 1.4 litre G-reg Nissan Sunny that I got from my granddad for about £300 in the year 2000. He’d never gone over the speed limit in its entire life, and its paintwork was immaculate. “It was in no way prepared for its new life as the Red Baron, a title earned in combat from a particularly fraught journey through Wales. “Steering the thing at low speed was brutal - the Scandinavian Flick became less of a rally technique and more of a urban necessity – and it had no top end to speak of. But it was a more than just a machine. It had a personality - and that’s something I’ve not experienced since.”

Kevin Pratt, editor: Morris Maxi

“First car? It’s a long time ago, and I can only remember the colour – chocolate brown would be the polite description – and the fact it had a choke. ‘Wassat?’ you cry, if you’re under 40. “I’m not sure myself what the choke actually did (I do recall someone using the phrase ‘Enrich the mixture’) but I remember you needed to manipulate it with as much tenderness, control and accuracy as Eric Clapton bending a G up to B flat in Sunshine of Your Love. “Which was playing on the 8-track cartridge, obviously. ‘Wassat?’ you cry…”

Paul Lawler, PR manager: Rover 213

“You never forget your first car, no matter how bad it was. For me it was a slightly dilapidated Rover 213 (D213 TCP – I still remember the reg!), sun bleached red. “It was a terrible car which cost me £750 but at least it was my own set of wheels. I spent more on fixing it than I did buying it, and the heaters never worked, which made driving in winter particularly tricky with the inside of the windscreen frozen! Happy memories though!”

Les Roberts, senior writer: Mini Mayfair

“My first car was a British racing green Mini Mayfair that I shared with my mum. The car had an automatic transmission and was thus about as close to a road-legal go kart as you can possibly get. “Although I lived a five minute walk away from sixth form college, I would regularly drive there - primarily just because I could, and petrol wasn't quite as expensive back in the good old days. One day after classes had finished, I ran past everyone in the college hallway, jumped into my Mini, pulled out the manual choke (ask your parents) and sped off out of the car park. Only to break down 50 yards up the road as I'd flooded the engine. “I was dead cool like that, you see!”

Karl Thompson, marketing Executive: Vauxhall Nova

"My first car was a white Vauxhall Nova 1.2 that I was determined to turn into a GTE by any means possible! It's too big a tale to fit into a paragraph so you can read all about my Champagne Super Nova, here. What are your memories of your first car? Good or bad, let us know in the boxes below or on Twitter, using the hashtag #MyFirstCarWasA

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