Living for the city: the wonder of reliable cars

If you can’t face the bus, train or tube, or none of them go where you need to be when you commute, do the shopping or head out for the evening, what’s the ideal car for buzzing around the town?
Well, you don’t want anything too big or too expensive, and it needs to be able to cope with busy city streets as well as faster open roads. It should also be reliable – but if it does suffer a mechanical ailment, the repair bill shouldn’t break the bank. So it’s important to choose your make and model wisely. It’s worth a gander at the list that Warranty Direct has compiled of the top 10 most reliable city cars. The company analysed 50,000 live policies, measuring overall reliability by combining rate of failure, average mileage, age and repair cost.

The life of your drive

The Peugeot 107 came out on top. The manufacturer has since replaced this model with the Peugeot 108, but it’s probably carrying similar reliability DNA in its component parts. The Citroen C1 was ranked second and costs from around £7,995 new. In third place was the Kia Picanto, which again comes with a price tag of under £8,000. Or you could opt for the Volkswagen Lupo, although the manufacturer stopped production in 2005, so we’re talking about a pretty old car.

If the cap Fiats…

Fiat fans will be disappointed to learn that the trendy Fiat 500, which costs just over £10,000, slumped into the bottom five. The Panda, Fiat’s older model, performed rather better, finishing ninth overall. David Gerrans, Warranty Direct managing director, says: “With growing concerns about the rising cost of public transport and the inconvenience caused by strike action, choosing a reliable city car instead could be a wise move. “In the past decade, these small cars have grown up and are now more advanced and efficient than ever before. “However, some small cars have given their owners cause for concern with high repair bills so be careful with your selection.”

Top 10 reliable city cars

(A higher reliability index rating means the vehicle is less reliable and more expensive to run)

Source: Warranty Direct

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