The world’s worst cities for traffic jams

Traffic jams are a sure-fire way to trigger road rage.
Freeway Jam
They delay journeys, making some drivers aggressive and therefore dangerous. They waste fuel, they’re noisy and they cause pollution. So, where in the world fares the worst for road congestion? Sat-nav provider TomTom reckons Istanbul in Turkey is the most congested, ranking 1st for its clogged-up evening rush hour and the amount of time drivers spend toiling in traffic. The congestion index includes measures of travel times during peak periods, congestion levels based on the time and day, and delays encountered during a 30-minute commute. TomTom’s annual traffic index is measured annually and looks into the impact of traffic congestion in over 200 cities around the world. The index revealed that, if you have to drive during the evening rush hour, you can expect to spend double the time in the car, on average, stuck in traffic than if you ventured out at another point in the day. In the UK, Belfast was found to have the most congested roads, with an average of 104 hours a year spent in traffic. It was followed by Manchester (94 hours) and Edinburgh (93 hours). Check out the worst offending cities in the UK and around the world…

Worst UK cities for time spent per annum in congestion 

  1. Belfast – 104 hours
  2. Manchester – 94 hours
  3. Edinburgh – 93 hours
  4. London – 92 hours
  5. Nottingham – 85 hours
  6. Brighton & Hove – 84 hours
  7. Bristol – 82 hours
  8. Southampton – 80 hours
  9. Leicester – 79 hours
  10. Leeds – 78 hours

World rankings based on overall congestion levels

  1. Istanbul
  2. Mexico City
  3. Rio de Janeiro
  4. Moscow
  5. Salvador
  6. Recife
  7. St Petersburg
  8. Bucharest
  9. Warsaw
  10. Los Angeles

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