Is it worth converting to LPG?

The cost of fuel is rising and motorists are increasingly desperate to find ways to improve the fuel economy of their vehicles. While hybrids and electric cars are often talked about as viable alternatives, LPG is largely overlooked. But if it’s the cheaper option and is more environmentally friendly than either petrol or diesel, shouldn’t we be giving LPG a bigger crack of the whip? One probable reason why the adoption of LPG has so far been limited is the initial installation fee, which is usually between £1,500 and £2,000. However, when you think that fuel costs could theoretically be cut in half and that you could earn back your outlay in around 18 months, it’s certainly worth a closer look. MoneySupermarket motoring expert Les Roberts took an LPG car out for a spin and reports back on the costs, performance and overall merit of going down this route:  

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