If I won the lottery...

Although money can’t buy you happiness or love, there are lots of ace things it can buy, like cars –which got us to thinking what cars we would buy if money were no object. So here are the cars some members of the MoneySuperMarket team would buy if they scooped the jackpot on the lottery…

Jaguar XJ Portofilio SWB - Kate Murphy, PR and media comms officer.

My choice of car changes on a weekly basis but at the moment it would be the Jaguar XJ Portfolio SWB in Black. British, classy and understated but with enough room in the boot to hold all of my shopping bags from my daily trips to the Trafford Centre! It also has a heated steering wheel as standard - a cold steering wheel in the winter is a pet hate of mine! Follow Kate on Twitter @KateMurphMSM

Mercedes G-class - Jody Oakes, video producer

THIS would be the bad boy I’d buy if I won the lottery… 300 grand’s worth of ‘Move outta my way’. It stands 2.3 metres tall and is a massive 5.85 metres long. With the 540bhp, 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8 engine, the G63 AMG 6x6 can hit 62mph in seven seconds (I have no idea what that means except it’s very, very fast!)  It was originally built for the Australian army but Mercedes have decided to make a civilian version. But with a price tag made to make your eyes water, I think I’d have to win the Euros before I could afford it.

MINI Countryman - Kevin Pratt, editor

I’d buy one of those big, daft Minis that are the size of a cricket pavilion, just so I could have conversations with people around the fact that “it’s not really mini, is it?” Once upon a time the default option for anyone buying a car would be to get the most expensive one they could afford and parade it as a status symbol. But when these big-boned Minis came along that changed, and people would happily spend under their budget, simply because the car was just so funky – so social status was no longer linked purely to material wealth. That’s quite a feat for a car to achieve. Follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinPrattMSM

Aston Martin DB9 Carbon - Jonathan Wood, customer research manager

Easy... an Aston Martin DB9 Carbon, in black. Why? Well, because it’s an Aston Martin, it’s a DB9, its exudes class, style and elegance. Oh, and it looks cool in black. Failing that, something classic like an E-Type Jag.

VW Golf  - Drew Griffiths, search marketing executive

I would buy a VW Golf.  I am really bad at driving and so I wouldn’t want any type of car that would draw attention to me. I currently have a Golf, which was given to me by my Mum five years ago. It’s 12-years-old and although the engine-management and oil lights are permanently stuck on, it’s still going strong – I hope I don’t jinx it saying that! Follow Drew on Twitter @MMATraining1980

Delahaye Pacific - Paul Smith, solution architect

As the mathematical likelihood of winning a large lottery jackpot is remote, it would have to be a car that was similarly unlikely, a car utterly preposterous in every way. But how preposterous? And in what sort of way ?Large? Maybe. Covered in chrome and born of the ambitions of bygone days? Possibly. Powerful?  Yes! Beautiful ? Certainly. Quite simply, a car that demonstrates anything is possible, a car unique and impossible to ignore, where the modern and the vintage co-exist in one piece of brilliant design.A car that brings together the engineering from a shed with the most brilliant, modern, technically advanced engines and transmissions and handmade interiors. A car that hints so much at ‘Batmobile’ it could be Bruce Wayne’s weekend away car. It’s a car that gives a crafty wink to F Scott Fitzgerald as it disappears down a long tree lined driveway with a throaty roar. A car that simultaneously oozes deco style and embodies 1930’s decadence. A car that is… the Delahaye Pacific. Follow Paul on Twitter @paulmartinsmith

Land Rover – Dan Faulkner, developer

I'd buy a top of the range Land Rover so I could double park and hog the middle lane on the motorway to my heart's content. Follow Dan on Twitter @ToBeFairLads

Need more than just one! – Clare Hebden-Rawson, test team leader

Does it have to be 'a' car? If I won the lottery, car shopping is the first thing I'd do. I love my cars and I'd need a range of classics and sports cars to keep me happy, selected for their charm, speed and craziness! In with the classics would be a Mini, a Beetle, a Scirocco, and a Ferrari F40. Among the modern cars would be a Pagani Zonda, Maserati Granturismo, Nissan GTR. And then a few motorbikes too, starting with a Honda BCR100rr. Follow Clare on Twitter @ClareR_83

McLaren F1/Honda NSX - David Poole, data architect

The problem with dream cars is that they never live up to your expectations, or the hype. If you got to drive the car you had as a poster on your wall you’d probably think “My word, that’s noisy” closely followed by “What happened to the flaming brakes?!” That said, I’d love either a McClaren F1 or a Honda NSX, and both for exactly the same reasons.  These are companies which engineer for excellence, and with these cars both moved the game on significantly. The reason that Ferraris are now nice to drive is because the Honda showed that a two-seater hypercar could be both good looking and easy to live with. The McClaren is for people who regard near perfection as being too slap-dash.  And it’s British. The old story about a British engineering company receiving the world’s smallest pipe and sending it back with 6 more inside? That is McClaren thinking, only there would be 10 of them.

VW Scirocco GTS - Mark Hooson, senior writer

In all honesty I’d probably just buy a nice new Golf GTI, but since Drew’s already gone for one of those and I’ve just won the lottery – I’ll go for something a bit more gaudy ostentatious – a Volkswagen Scirocco GTS, replete with racing stripes and big black alloys. Because of its 2.0litre TDI engine and six-speed gearbox, it’d probably cost me a fortune in car insurance – but I’ve got millions in the bank so it doesn’t matter! I’ve priced it up on the VW website and with around £5,000’s worth of bells and whistles it’ll cost me a little over £35,000 in total. Follow Mark on Twitter @MoneySuperMarkH

Lamborghini P400S Mura - Les Roberts, senior writer

I’d normally say a classic Aston Martin DB5, but I’ve had my head turned by this 1969 Lamborghini P400S Mura, in orange. But don’t take my word for it, take the words of Jerry Seinfeld: “An eyebrow-frizzing, retina-melting, absurdly gorgeous 1969 Lamborghini P400S Mura. Just 43-inches-tall, it is painted in arancione borealis – Italian for ‘orange’ – it has a mid-engine, 360-horse power V12 mounted sideways, and it’s got eyelashes on its headlights! Jesus!” Indeed. Follow me on Twitter @LesRobertsMSM

The Terrafuguia TF-X - Steven Allen, video producer

I’ve no idea if it exists yet, it’s technically feasible or even makes any logical or practical sense… but if I win the lottery, I want this: It will turn heads, it will frighten the elderly and no doubt be highly illegal…but it’s cool. What car would YOU buy if you hit the jackpot? Lest us know in the comment boxes below or on Twitter, using the hashtag #MSMlottocars

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