Iconic cars of British television

Think of a Robin Reliant and only one name spring to mind: Del Boy. He will forever be linked to that grubby yellow three-wheeler which transported him and Rodney (and their dodgy gear) around the roads of Peckham with the legend Trotters Independent Trading (thankfully they didn’t offer the acronym) emblazoned on the side. Famous and iconic cars have been appearing on our television screens for many decades now, and many will never lose their association with the programmes they appeared on. Here, we look at five other cars which will forever be linked to the TV programmes in which they featured… 1) Mr Bean’s yellow mini What is it about yellow cars that seem to be synonymous with comedy? Maybe there’s some subliminal link to banana skins and slapstick humour somewhere, but like Derek Trotter’s Robin Reliant, Mr Bean’s famous mini is also yellow (although considerably cleaner than Del Boy’s motor). Unlike Del Boy, however, Mr Bean is rather more security conscious, using a padlock to lock his car door, and taking the steering wheel from his car every time he leaves it. Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes involving the car features Mr Bean driving while sitting in an armchair strapped to the roof – not one to try at home.
mr bean img
2) The Audi Quattro in Ashes to Ashes. The red Audi Quattro in Ashes to Ashes gave police cars a run for their money in pursuit of the bad guys. It may look somewhat dated now, but in the 80s this was a true speed machine, doing 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds. Demand for 1980s Quattro models doubled once the car featured in the series.
3) Ford Consul in The Sweeney The Ford Consul is the kind of car you don’t mess with. Solid but still sophisticated, like its driver Jack Regan, played by John Thaw, it was the ultimate criminal catcher, stopping many a bad guy in his tracks. This was the ultimate no-nonsense machine and will go down in TV history as one of the most iconic crime-busting cars ever to hit the highways. 4) Fiat Cinquecento in The Inbetweeners If ever there was a cool TV car, this wasn’t it. The Fiat Cinquecento was however, perfect for the role of gawky teenager Simon Cooper’s first set of wheels, and he lavished the sort of attention on it that only a proud new driver would. Let’s face, this isn’t the sort of car many of us aspire to drive, but it played a valuable part in making scenes from the sitcom hilarious.
cinquecento img
5) Triumph Roadster in Bergerac Who didn’t have a few pangs of envy watching slick TV detective Jim Bergerac cruising around the beautiful Jersey countryside in his stunning Triumph Roadster? This vintage car is a real beauty, although surprisingly John Nettles, who played Bergerac, hated it because he kept hitting his knees on the dashboard. [text-blocks id=cta-banner]

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