Harrogate revealed as UK Hotspot for drink and drug driving

Through analysing 14 million car insurance quotes from the past year, Harrogate in South Yorkshire has been named and shamed as the UK’s worst offending town when it comes to drink and drug driving. East London is highlighted as having the least number of offenders which, one might say is down to the huge amount of people using public transport in the area, rather than having to rely on driving a car. Believe it or not, the worst offending professions for this are scaffolders, roofers and ground workers; this could be partly due to the amount of driving they do up and down the country, leaving them more open to the effects of alcohol the morning after – we’re hoping they’re not under the influence while on top of that scaffolding -anything could happen! Police officers, driving instructors and paramedics are among the most well behaved drivers when it comes to drugs and alcohol consumption which is hardly surprising, but the group least like to offend are students. Statistics also show that 55,000 men were found to have a previous drink or drug-driving offence on their record, compared to only 16,000 women - a huge difference, although 16,000 is still too many!
On a more serious note, the number of people badly injured or killed in drink-drive related accidents rose by 5% to 1570 in 2011, and it was found that 17-24 year olds are more than twice as likely to be involved in a drink-drive accident than any other age group. If you’re caught drink driving there can be very serious consequences including a fine of up to £5000, a minimum driving ban of 12 months and in some cases, even a prison sentence.  Not to mention a huge increase in your car insurance premium, that’s if you can find a provider that’s prepared to insure you! So I think we’ll all agree that it just isn’t worth that drink or the journey home that’s ‘only up the road’ – don’t take the chance!

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