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**WARNING – THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS (not the sort you stick on your car)** And so, the end is near… The moment every Breaking Bad fan has been looking forward to and dreading in equal measure: the final episode of the acclaimed drama is due to air in the US on Sunday evening, and the hype and fanfare is building to (and exceeding) levels reached by classic shows such as The Wire and The Sopranos. Since the pilot episode, Walter White has gone from average, insipid high school chemistry teacher to New Mexico’s criminal overlord, and on Monday (for us here in the UK) we will finally witness the fate of his infamous ‘Heisenberg’ alter ego. However, for a lucky few Breaking Bad fans the experience doesn’t have to end there. It’s been announced that several of the cars used in the Emmy award-winning series are going up for auction on 29th September, 2013. Sure, some of these vehicles aren’t in working order, but who cares if you get to own a piece of television history? We’ve taken a look at some of the most memorable cars from the 5 seasons…

Walt's Pontiac Aztek

The Pontiac Aztek is likely to be the car that most people will identify with Walter White. With its bulky shape and plastic like exterior, its appearance is unusual, unattractive and, well, bland. Like Walt himself (in the first season at least), it blends into the background – unassuming and shunning attention. However, this ‘boring’ car was certainly put through the mill! The Aztek faced flying debris from a plane crash, was steered into oncoming traffic by Walt to prevent Hank from discovering Gus Fring’s ‘superlab’ in the industrial laundry, and he ploughed headlong into two drug dealers to save partner-in-crime, Jesse Pinkman. No one can claim it didn’t deserve early retirement when Walt realised it was no longer the car for him and sold it to his mechanic for $50. Many car enthusiasts would argue that $50 was a pretty good price for a car that Daily Telegraph readers voted the ugliest car ever made.

Skyler's Grand Wagoneer

Skyler’s wood-panelled Grand Wagoneer is another iconic Breaking Bad car, although it hasn’t experienced quite as much action as some of the others. The epitome of an average, middle class American family car, the Wagoneer was a loyal servant to the Whites, only to be replaced in Season 5 by a Ford Edge. In reality, the Grand Wagoneer is much sought-after and can still fetch upwards of $35,000 for low-mileage used models.

Fleetwood Bounder Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Who can forget the RV that started the empire? The 'Crystal Ship’ with bullet holes in the door provided Walt and Jesse with the freedom to escape the built-up areas of Albuquerque to the relative solitude of the New Mexico desert. Designed for leisure and relaxation, this RV had no such luck. In the first episode of Season 1, Walt crashed it into a ditch (a theme is emerging here), leading to the memorable image of the show’s protagonist in his underpants, waiting as the police sirens (which eventually turn out to be fire engines) scream ever nearer. The plucky RV made it through three seasons before it was eventually crushed to prevent the ever-persistent Hank from finding it and the secrets it carried within it.

Jesse's Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Jesse’s first car of the series wasn’t exactly inconspicuous! Fully pimped-out with hydraulic pumps and with a licence plate reading ‘THE CAPN’ in reference to his street pseudonym Cap’n Cook, the Monte Carlo was as much a representation of Jesse’s character as the Aztek was for Walt. It came to its demise in episode 2 of Season 2 when it was caught in the middle of a dramatic shoot out between Hank and Tuco Salamanca. Jesse opted for the slightly more low-key Toyota Tercel for his next car.

Walt's Chrysler 300 SRT-8 and Walt Jr.'s Dodge Challenger

  Walt actually bought 2 Dodge Challengers for Walt Jr. The first time was in ‘Cornered’ – the sixth episode of the Season 4. While being initially overjoyed, Walt Jr’s joy soon turned to frustration when a furious Skyler returned to see the muscle car on their driveway and ordered Walt to return it. However, instead of taking it back he drives to an empty parking lot for a joyride before crashing it (yes, again!) and then setting fire to it, causing an almighty explosion. All was not lost for Walt Jr, though, as he was bought another Challenger by his father on Walt’s 51st birthday. Along with it, Walt bought himself a 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT-8. With a huge 3.6L engine capable of propelling the driver to 175mph, the 300 SRT-8 is in stark contrast to the more mundane charm of the Pontiac Aztek. This impulsive purchase could be interpreted as representing the evolution of Walter White’s character – a man no longer constrained and constricted by the pressures of life. He was now a feared, bordering on mythical leader of a criminal empire – he is the one who knocks, and he needs a car to match.
Walter White - the one who knocks
Are there any other Breaking Bad car's you think we may have missed? And what have been your favourite moments from the show? Let us know in the boxes below...

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