Car Insurance Epic Car Crusher: Take control of Robohand!

At MoneySuperMarket we continue to crush car insurance quotes. Now, with the launch of the Car Insurance Epic Car Crusher, we’re giving you the chance to crush a real car! In an undisclosed warehouse location, there’s a giant robotic hand that’s capable of crushing a car to smithereens. And Robohand has opened its claw to the public.

Click here for your chance to take control of Robohand and crush a car in epic style!

Sign up to the Facebook app, join the virtual waiting hub for the crusher and, if randomly selected, you’ll have five minutes to wreak total destruction on real-life cars using the unique on screen commands. You’ll see the destruction you cause via a live stream as Robohand responds to your precise directions and obliterates the car in true movie villain style. If that isn’t EPIC, we don’t know what is! Robohand will only be live until 9.00pm on Wednesday October 8, so register your interest today. Let’s CRUSH! [embed width="600" height="355"][/embed]

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