Britain’s 7 deadliest roads

Do you drive on one of Britain’s seven deadliest roads?

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Last week we told you how the government’s Action for Roads proposal had earmarked a 25-year, £50billion improvement scheme that will not only look at making our roads safer, but ensuring they stay that way.

Maybe those listed below will be first in line for improvements. Or maybe there’s some merit in the argument that says there’s no such thing as a dangerous road, there’s only dangerous drivers. What do you reckon? 

There’s certainly ways to make your driving safer. Watch your speed (particularly on ‘dangerous’ single carriageway ‘A’ roads) and pay attention to the road signs and the traffic around you – there’s a far better chance you’ll avoid an accident if you can anticipate a potential problem up ahead.

Note that all of these roads are single carriageway ‘A’ roads…

A537 Macclesfield to Buxton

Also known as the ‘Cat & Fiddle’ (after the rather glorious Robinson’s pub at the summit) this 12km stretch has seen 79 fatal and serious crashes over the last 10 years. This is a particularly hazardous route for motorcyclists as they were involved in two-thirds (66%) of crashes that occurred here.

A5012 Pikehall (A515) to Matlock (A6)

This 15km section running through the Peak District has seen 43 fatal or serious crashes in the last decade, over a quarter of which (76%) have involved motorbike riders.

A682 Nelson (M65 Jct 13) to Long Preston (A65)

The 21km of road that winds through the Lancashire-West Yorkshire borders has witnessed 48 fatal or serious accidents over the last decade, a quarter of which (75%) have involved motorcyclists. That said, its EuroRAP Risk Rating has gone from high to medium-high in the last five years.

A621 Baslow (A619) to Totley

Measuring just 9km, this seven-minute stretch of East Midlands carriageway has been at the heart of 39 fatal or serious crashes, almost half (47%) of which have been run-offs and over two-thirds (67%) have involved motorbikes. As with the A682 though, its EuroRAP Risk Rating has gone from high to medium-high over the last half-decade.

A530 Whitchurch to Nantwich

This 13km stretch of single carriageway in Cheshire is one of the lowest risk on the list, having had a EuroRAP medium-high risk rating for the last 10 years. And although it’s seen 44 serious or fatal crashes in that time, just over a quarter (26%) have involved motorbikes and run-offs. However, this is particularly dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, who’ve been involved in just under a quarter (22%) of accidents, while almost a third (30%) have been at junctions.

A285 Chichester (A27) to Petworth

Straddling 19km of South East England single carriageway, this road has seen 62 fatal or serious crashes over the last 10 years, almost half of which (48%) have involved motorcyclists. Nearly a third (31%) have happened at junctions and almost a quarter (24%) have seen cars run off the road. Even so, it has still maintained a medium-high EuroRAP Risk Rating.

A6075 New Ollerton (A614) to Tuxford (A1)

The third in our line up featuring a stretch in the East Midlands, this 10km section of the A6075 has seen its EuroRAP Risk Rating drop from high to medium high following a reduction in the number of fatal or serious accidents in the last five years, from 24 to 18. However, this is still a notorious stretch for two-wheeled travellers, with 39% of accidents involving motorbikes and 33% including cyclists and pedestrians.

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