Boxing clever – the new Porsche Boxster GTS

Porsche blue and red on a road in front of the sea

Hold on to your hats, convertible sports car lovers. Porsche’s new Boxster GTS is here and it’s designed to offer you “legendary driving sensations”.

As diehard motorsports fans know, GTS is a tag first adopted way back in 1963, when the 904 GTS, a sports car equipped with a mid-mounted engine, hit the track for the first time. Since then, those three little letters have become synonymous with super-fast Porsches, both on and off the racetrack.

Power play

But what makes the new Boxster GTS so different to the S model it is based on? It a word: power. The GTS comes with 330 horsepower – that’s 15 more than the S – allowing it to shoot from 0 to 62mph in just five seconds and achieve a top speed of 174mph. Porsche has also changed the front end of the car to make it look more aggressive and added various little touches inside and out. And to maximise your enjoyment of the open road in your Boxster GTS, the carmaker is touting a new app that guides you to the most beautiful routes along which to feel the wind in your hair.

Out of the box

According to Porsche, the Boxster GTS is a “design classic with an acute desire for freedom”. And while not everyone likes the distinctive new front end, there is no doubt that it exudes sportiness with a capital S – especially when combined with the sleek silhouette and new rear end that gives the impression the GTS is wider than other Boxster models.

Light fantastic

Bi-Xenon headlights, including the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), are fitted as standard, and come with an attractive black trim. Inside, meanwhile, other standard features include a SportDesign steering wheel, seat side bolsters designed to provide extra support and a black leather finish on the lower section of the dashboard, the doors, the steering wheel and the gear lever.

Sound investment

The Boxster GTS sounds just as good as it looks, with the glorious rumbling of the 3.4 litre engine emphasised by the sports exhaust system, which is fitted as standard. Convenience has not been overlooked in the desire to create the perfect sports car, though. The fully electric hood opens and closes in just nine seconds, and can be put up or down at speeds of up to 30mph. Dynamic suspension and stability technology also add to the comfort of the ride. And while there is a manual gearbox fitted as standard, those looking for even faster acceleration and additional comfort can choose to pay extra for the Porsche Doppelkupplung – a seven-speed gearbox featuring both manual and automatic modes. With it, you can cut the time it takes to hit 62mph from five seconds to just 4.7.

Money box

Porsche describes the Boxster as “Spirit, declared”. But the downside to all the extra “spirit” provided by the new GTS is that you will undoubtedly have to splash the cash when it comes to fuel. Vehicle tax too will cost you dear, with CO2 emissions of around 200g/km.But then the Porsche Boxster GTS, which costs from £53,000, is not aimed at motorists who are too concerned with counting the pennies. And anyway, who cares about petrol costs when you are roaring along the open road taking in the scenery, not to mention the admiring glances of the drivers you pass?

’Appy days

Porsche has even come up with an app that is designed to ensure you always find the most picturesque route to take with your Boxster GTS – wherever you need to go. Called Porsche GTS Routes, it recommends impressive and beautiful routes perfect for taking in an open-top car – and even allows you to add your own favourites for other GTS drivers to enjoy. As you drive, you can also relax in the knowledge that you and your passenger are protected by dual rollover protection, two full-size airbags and the Porsche Side Impact Protection System, featuring two side airbags and steel side impact protection.

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