Battle of the sexes: The final - Driving test

Over the years there have been countless calls to overhaul the driving test to improve driver standards and make the roads safer. The most recent came earlier this year when the government announced it would launch a report on improving safety and reducing risks to young drivers. The proposed green paper- which was due to be published in spring but has yet to appear - is expected to contain suggestions such as a minimum learning period before you can take your test, as well as driving lessons on motorways and in adverse weather conditions. There are also calls for the test itself to be more rigorous. Which leaves me fearing for those who have not yet passed their test as I distinctly remember mine being half an hour of the most nerve-wracking motoring I have ever experienced, made worse by the fact that the stranger in the passenger seat was there with the sole intention of criticising every single aspect of my driving. After failing the first test within minutes of leaving the test centre, I easily passed my second test a couple of months later and now feel compelled to make the spurious claim that all the best drivers pass at the second attempt – an affliction that seems to affect everyone who failed at the first attempt. So after almost 20 years on the road, would I be able to pass the driving test if I took it today? This was the challenge set to myself and five other 'victims' as part of our final battle of the sexes, which we carried out with help from RED driving school. So, did I pass? Did any of us pass? Watch the video below to find out… [embed width="560" height="315"] [/embed] So how many attempts did it take you to pass your driving test? And do you have any memorable tales of triumph or woe you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the boxes below or on Twitter using the hashtag #MSMDrivingTest

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