Battle of the sexes: Parallel parking

Who is better at parking a car – men or women? It’s a debate that’s raged on for almost as long as people have been behind the wheel, and one that usually ends with a smug-looking bloke claiming women can’t, and never could, reverse-park. It’s a debate that prompted NCP, the car park operator, to run a survey of 2,500 UK motorists and rate them on different aspects of manoeuvring their vehicle. Drivers were marked out of 20 and the findings fell in favour of the women, who scored an average of 13.4, compared to the men who averaged 12.3 However, figures recently released under freedom of information legislation found that women committed twice as many faults as males when reverse-parking under test conditions. So just who is better at parking? The penultimate instalment of MoneySuperMarket’s Battle of the Sexes series set out to find the answer - and here’s what happened… [embed width="560" height="315"] [/embed]

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