How to claim your voucher

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Want to claim the vouchers you got with your broadband, phone or TV package? Here’s our guide to what you need to do if your package is with any of the following providers:

How to claim your BT voucher

You can claim your BT voucher in two ways, depending on which company the voucher is for.

Amazon or iTunes vouchers or BT Reward Cards

You should visit the BT Make a Claim website, where you can log in with your BT ID and enter the voucher details.

It may take up to 45 days for your voucher to arrive, and if you have any queries you can find more information on the BT customer help site.

Marks and Spencer voucher

To claim your Marks and Spencer voucher, visit BT’s Broadband Benefits page and input the voucher details from your claim form. You should allow 45 days for your voucher to arrive from the date of your service activation and voucher claim.

How to claim your Vodafone voucher

You can send any Vodafone voucher inquiries to

How to claim your Sky voucher

If you have a prepaid reward you should go to Sky’s claim page within 90 days of your service being activated. When you log in, you can fill out an onscreen form. To use the vouchers you’ll need to print them out.

You can read more on Sky’s rewards page, and if you have any other Sky voucher queries, you can email them to

How to claim your Plusnet voucher

You’ll receive an email from Plusnet when your connection is active, telling you how to claim your voucher – this must be done within two months of receiving the email. How you do this will depend on what the voucher is for.

MasterCard or prepaid debit card

To claim your MasterCard or prepaid debit card reward, you’ll need to follow the instructions emailed to you when your services are activated. You’ll have two months to claim your reward from when you get the email.

Amazon vouchers

Plusnet will email you a link for your Amazon voucher, which will be valid for two months. Click through and you’ll be taken to an onscreen form. When you get confirmation that this has been completed, you’ll be shown your Amazon gift certificate code.

You can start using the gift certificate code immediately.


Plusnet will email you a link to their cashback claim page, which will be valid for two months. You’ll be taken to a form which you need to fill out, and within 30 days of doing this you’ll get a cheque in the post to the account holder’s address.

How to claim your TalkTalk voucher

You can send enquiries and emails about your TalkTalk voucher to

How to claim your Now Broadband voucher

You can also do this for Now Broadband vouchers by contacting

How to claim your EE voucher

To claim your EE Amazon voucher, you should click the link emailed to you. You’ll receive this once your service is activated and you’ve paid two bills, usually within a week of your second bill – however you may have to wait up to 60 days. You can find more info on EE’s help page, and if you don’t receive the link you can contact EE at

How to claim your John Lewis voucher

You should receive an email containing your e-gift card within 60 days of activation.