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Cathy Toogood

Content editor, travel

I am the travel editor at TravelSupermarket and have worked as an editor in the north west for eight years

From advice on finding the cheapest package holiday or flight, to tips on how to pack, it's my job to help you to find the best holiday for you without paying a penny too much for it.

I first discovered my love of travel when I InterRailed around Europe on a minimal student budget. Not being able to afford to stay in the main tourist hot spots led to a range of discoveries including a grand youth hostel in the walls of the medieval town of Montagnana and some great backstreet trattorias.

Other travelling highlights include exploring Ghana from top to bottom while working on a newspaper there, helping to look after a three-week old monkey called Eric in Kenya and seeing a royal cremation in Ubud.

Cathy Toogood